Another GTA Online casino lucky wheel glitch guarantees supercar prize

Connor Bennett

GTA Online players have uncovered a brand new glitch in the game’s Casino that guarantees the featured supercar. 

After years of waiting, Rockstar Games finally swung open the doors to Grand Theft Auto Online’s casino on July 23 – renaming the North Vinewood location to the Diamond Casino and Resort.

While the long-awaited addition added a ton of new content like cars, housing, and clothing, it hasn’t been without its problems. Players have reported issues with the casino’s stability and plenty of exploits that allow them to rack up insane amounts of chips and cash. And still, despite patches from Rockstar, players have noted a fresh method to guarantee an incredibly expensive car.

Screengrab from GTA OnlinePlayers have been waiting for more than six year to run into debts at the GTA Online Casino.

In a discussion on the GTAOnline subreddit, a number of users pointed out that the new ‘four-second method’ on the game’s Lucky Spin Wheel will hand over the showcase car that players see when they walk into the casino. 

Players would need to have a ‘fresh wheel’ – one that has the clothing reward selected – before trying to spin four seconds after the game prompts them to. Other players also noted that there is no necessary power at which players need to spin, but the method “practically guarantees the podium car” if they flick down quickly on the left stick.

While Rockstar moved quickly to quell the recent inside Track exploit, which pretty much allowed players to control the race, the developers have not yet found a way to stop players from taking unlimited spins on said lucky wheel. 

Whether or not they are actively looking into this new glitch or not is unknown, but it is clearly a method that shouldn’t be in GTA V considering these podium cars are not meant to be easily won.

Players who attempt to pull off the strategy should be aware that they could face repercussions in the future if the developers begin clamping down on these exploits.

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