GTA 6 might be using scrapped Bully 2 feature in huge open-world upgrade

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With rumors that Rockstar will finally announce GTA 6 in 2022, a popular insider is teasing that a scrapped feature from Bully 2 could make its way into the next Grand Theft Auto installment.

GTA 6 might just be the most anticipated game of all time. We are approaching ten years since the release of GTA 5 back on the PS3 and Xbox 360, and fans have been anxiously awaiting news on when the next entry will be formally announced.

Despite numerous leaks and hints, many of which have yet to be confirmed, there has been plenty of frustration for gamers hoping that Rockstar would finally be on their way to revealing GTA 6.

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Now, amid news that Rockstar scrapped Bully 2, an insider has teased that a very advanced feature from the game could be brought back to life with GTA 6.

A screenshot of the game Bully by Rockstar Games.Rockstar Games
Bully 2 might still live on in GTA 6.

Rockstar insider teases Bully 2 feature in GTA 6

As originally reported by Game Informer, Rockstar a fully playable demo of Bully 2 available before ultimately deciding to cancel the game. One of the unique features about it, however, was the fact that every building could be entered.

According to Tez2, a well-known leaker in the community, fans could end up seeing this feature in action with GTA 6. Take this news with a grain of salt, but if true, the next Grand Theft Auto could be the most ambitious open-world game yet.

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“They definitely had interesting ideas and a functionable vertical slice, but faced issues with certain mechanics that would require more effort and a great budget for a game that may not be as successful as GTA,” Tez2 wrote In a post on GTAForums regarding the canceled Bully sequel.

GTA 6 forum discussionGTAForums
GTA 6 might be using a scrapped feature from Bully 2.

“Since then, Rockstar have talked about how the tools have improved since GTAV’s release under RDR2 development and will be improved even more under GTA 6 development too. Maybe by then, the tech Rockstar would have could solve most of the issues to do with Bully 2?”

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He went on to add: “The next upgrade, I could think of, for GTA 6 would be allowing us to access most if not all buildings or interiors we could see, but with the similar scale of open-world you could expect from a GTA game. The same selling point, but with a franchise that would definitely sell and a bigger scale of course.”

Being able to enter every building in a large map, such as a rumored return to Vice City, would be quite the undertaking, but it would also be a major advancement in creating a true open world.

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Whether or not Tez2’s prediction proves to be accurate or not remains to be seen, but he had previously suggested that Rockstar would be announcing GTA 6 this year with a release planned for 2023, so 2022 could be a great time for fans.

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