Classic GTA gang feature would be perfect for new GTA Online game mode

. 6 months ago
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GTA Online fans have suggested bringing back the ‘turfs’ system from San Andreas and bringing it to the multiplayer side of GTA 5, and it could be pretty perfect. 

While many Grand Theft Auto fans are waiting for Rockstar Games to announce GTA 6, plenty of others are still diving into GTA Online and dominating with their criminal empire.

Even though the multiplayer side of GTA 5 is almost a decade old, the iconic game developers have continued adding new content to GTAO, most recently through The Contract add-on, which brought Franklin and Lamar back to a GTA Online story.

Some fans have suggested that Rockstar dip into their backlog of ideas and features from older games and spruce them up for the modern-day, and one from San Andreas could actually be perfect.

GTA Online smoother item interface
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GTA Online is still going strong after all these years.

The idea was floated by Redditor TONEakaSHOW33, who suggested that GTA Online could benefit from bringing back the gang territories – otherwise known as turfs – from GTA: San Andreas.

As anyone who played San Andreas knows, you had to wipe out a group of enemies in an area to takeover that turf and expand your reach over the city. If you’re good standing with a gang, they’d leave you be, but if you were beefing then you’d have to watch your back.

“I’d be super down for dynamic gang areas that could be influenced by players,” said one fan. “Yes make that happen please Rockstar. Joinable gangs with colored clothes that give you bonuses, multiple ways to walk or shoot your weapons, added another. “Yes! I just started playing GTA5 and I really miss this.”

As per some suggestions from players, it could be brought into GTA Online to replace the Gang Attacks that have split opinions over the years.

Some players even suggested that Rockstar could bring it as a way to make community-created events like the Alien War an official thing. Though, who knows if they will do so.

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