GTA 6 fans sell framed photos of Rockstar’s announcement

Rory Teale
GTA 6 fans sell framed tweetRockstar Games / Twitter: @JustMeRyder

Rockstar announced on social media that the first trailer for GTA 6 will be arriving in December 2023, and fans are selling frames of the viral post.

Rockstar Games, the developers of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, announced that the first trailer for the installment in the franchise GTA 6 will be arriving in December.

Fans have been awaiting the release of GTA 6, especially after a hacker leaked supposed gameplay footage of the new game, and some were so thrilled with Rockstar’s recent tweet that they decided to sell framed photos of it.

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GTA 6 fans sell framed tweet

In a November 17 post on X (formerly Twitter), one Rockstar Games fan discovered a listing on eBay of a framed copy of the GTA 6 trailer announcement not long after the tweet went live.

“Rockstar’s tweet about the GTA 6 trailer was so shocking to some people that someone went and framed the tweet and now is selling it online,” they wrote.

Many ridiculed the poster for trying to sell the frame, stating that they should have framed a picture from the trailer when it arrived, not the tweet announcing it.

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“How are they gonna frame the evermore infamous GTA 6 trailer?” one joked. “What no GTA for 10 years does do a mf,” said another, referencing the lack of Grand Theft Auto titles since the last release in 2013.

However, others understood why someone would sell a frame of the tweet, considering the hype it generated, but were more annoyed that the seller didn’t get the sizing of the image right.

“Could have at least cropped it better ffs,” one fan complained. “They couldn’t even f**king frame it right,” wrtote another.

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Some don’t want to pay the premium for a framed copy, with many laminating their own version of the tweet to hang up.

The hype surrounding the game has been growing frantic since Rockstar’s tweet, and voice actors like Shawn Fonteno, the voice behind Franklin Clinton in GTA 5, added to the hype with cryptic tweets that have sent fans speculating about a possible return of the character.

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