Grand Theft Auto leaker claims GTA 6 is actually “halfway done” - Dexerto

Grand Theft Auto leaker claims GTA 6 is actually “halfway done”

Published: 16/Apr/2020 14:41

by Jacob Hale


A renowned Grand Theft Auto leaker has claimed that GTA 6 could actually be much closer than previous reports suggest – saying that they’ve heard that the game is “halfway done.”

Rumors have been rife for months now around GTA 6 – where it will be based, the characters that might be involved and how far along in development the game actually is.

On April 14, it was reported in a number of emails and interviews from Rockstar employees that GTA 6 is currently in “early development,” but some have doubted this.

Rockstar Games
Grand Theft Auto V continues to be a huge hit with fans – but that doesn’t make them any less excited for GTA 6.

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Tez2, a well-known and reliable GTA leaker, has questioned the reports and suggestions that the game is still in “early development.”


“It’s hard to believe that when I’m hearing it’s “halfway done” or even beyond that,” he said in a tweet on April 16.

He then compared it to Rockstar’s other uber-popular title, Red Dead Redemption, saying that the second installment in the series took 7 or 8 years and that main production started as soon as RDR1 was complete – adding that we should “expect the same with the next title.”

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Tez2’s final point was that maybe by “early” they mean it’s still nowhere close to being released, which is apparently “much more believable.”

Recent rumors suggest the new game could be available in “late 2020 or early 2021,” while other financial projections expect a release date of 2021-22 – meaning we could still be two or more years away from getting our hands on Rockstar’s next effort.


Regardless of when the game is due to come out, there are clearly conflicting expectations of how far along in the development process GTA 6 is, so we’ll just have to wait for an official announcement from Rockstar themselves for any confirmation.