Crazy GTA Online car glitch sends players flying across the map

Alec Mullins
Super Cars being thrown through the sky in GTA OnlineRockstar Games via Jelly YT

GTA Online players have found a new way to send their cars soaring through the sky without having to pay the exorbitant price for the flying vehicles that already exist in-game.

GTA Online and the city of Los Santos have seen quite a lot of chaos over the years. Whether it be airborne submarines or cars capable of spontaneous combustion, there’s never a dull day in the in-game world.

While sending cars flying through the air is not a new occurrence for the game, Rockstar has been quick to patch out any of these bugs that were easily repeatable. That’s why players are flocking back onto the server to relive their glory days and send their precious cars up for one last ride.

GTA Online car launching glitch

GTA online car from Los Santos Tuners updateRockstar Games
Have an itch to send your most prized possesion soaring through the air over Los Santos? Well you’re in luck with this new take on an old glitch.

This launch works by getting a car stuck between a set of hedges and a moving gate and initiating a burnout. This particular house is near the golf course in Richma and provides the perfect amount of space necessary.

Once the car has been lodged into place properly, the car will wiggle back and forth before being released into the sky with an unbelievable amount of force.


When explaining how to set up the launch, Pro_Kaur had some suggestions to make it easier for anyone following in their footsteps: “I recommend the pfister growler for this but the italy rsx work well too”

One user joked out about the huge price tag on vehicles that can actually fly in GTA Online: “Who needs to get a f***ing 3 million dollar flying bike when u can make any vehicle fly with a gate!”

Another commenter added: “Man thank you now I know what to do with my afternoon”

Rockstar have previously removed these kinds of bugged locations from the game, but if the rumors about the GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition slowing down work on GTA Online are true, this one may be sticking around for a while to come.