Clever GTA Online Daily Objectives trick doubles $1 million reward

David Purcell

Rockstar Games have started handing out free stacks of $1 million dollars in GTA Online for those completing ten Daily Objectives, but some Grand Theft Auto players have gone one further and found a clever trick to double their cash. 

The game’s developers always give fans a way of making the most of what’s inside their Maze Bank account, with content updates rolling out on a weekly basis with boosted rewards for certain missions and huge discounts on valuable properties or cars.

After announcing that members of the community only have to complete 10 Daily Objectives to grab a cool $1,000,000 in-game on May 21, some sneaky players have been looking for loopholes on how to get more cash and it appears one has been found.

GTA Online players can make some serious cash right now in-game, for free!

Having grinded their way through Daily Objectives in an attempt to grab more spending money in GTA Online, Reddit user cobragrad17 has seemingly found a way of making it a double whammy.

According to the thread, those who have two different characters in the popular game can complete 20 Daily Objectives instead. This way, they can pick up $2 million instead of the standard $1 million package promised in the patch notes – just split off between two people.

Technically, they are not doing anything wrong in completing the challenges twice and keeping what they have earned. It’s just strange to see, really, that it actually works!

It’s unlikely that the trick will go without being patched in the future, so there might not be much time left before the trick doesn’t work again in-game.

That said, Rockstar Games haven’t flagged it as a known problem, so that remains to be seen.