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GTA Online: How to never fall off a motorbike or BMX

Published: 22/May/2020 15:56

by Daniel Cleary


A simple glitch has been found in GTA Online that can prevent players from falling off their motorbike or BMX, with the help of a friend.

Reaching top speeds and attempting crazy stunts on a motorbike or BMX can be a fun activity to try in GTA Online, although the inevitable crash can be pretty frustrating for almost any player.

However, some GTA fans have found an interesting glitch in the popular multiplayer mode that allows them to stay on their two-wheeled vehicle of choice, even when their character would normally fly over the handlebars.

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Rockstar Games
Plenty of different motorbikes can be seen around Los Santos.

While the unusual glitch can only be done with the help of a friend, it can be quite simple to pull off when looking to attempt some new stunts.


The trick, which was shared by u/xArttu, requires you to have a friend with a full parking garage with 7 vehicles, such as the Casino penthouse garage, and of course, the motorbike or BMX that you want to use.

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Once your friend’s garage is full of cars, they will want to drive yet another vehicle up to the door, with you in the passenger seat, and that will prompt a notification which allows you to trigger the glitch. You can find all of the steps below.

How to never fall off your motorbike/BMX in GTA Online

  1. Have your friend drive you to his parking garage when it is full.
  2. When the ‘facility is full’ icon pops up they must remain on that screen while you exit the vehicle and climb onto your nearby motorbike or BMX.
  3. Once you are on the bike you want to glitch, they have to leave that screen by hitting the ‘back’ button.
  4. Enjoy!  You should no longer be able to fall off the motorbike or BMX even if you land on your back.
David Drops, YouTube
You will have to get on your bike after your friend receives the ‘facility is full’ notification, as seen in the top left.

It is worth noting that while you will not fall off, it does not make you invincible as the motorbike or BMX can still be destroyed if it receives enough damage.


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This glitch can open up many new possibilities, allowing players to even travel upside down on their motorbike/BMX after gathering enough speed.

It is unclear just how long this trick will be around, however, as Rockstar will likely be looking to implement a fix in one of the future updates.