Yae Miko “fix” rolled back in Genshin Impact, but players want more buffs

Yae Miko in fighting stance in genshin impactHoYoverse

A Yae Miko “fix” pushed as part of Genshin Impact Version 2.6 has been reverted just days after launching, swapping back to random targeting instead of closest target on her Elemental Skill. However, players still want more buffs as the Guuji struggles.

Yae Miko was one of the most highly-anticipated characters in Genshin Impact history. The Head Priestess of the Grand Narukami Shrine had whales coming out of the shadows, ready to roll big for a chance to play with the kitsune.

However, players have been left immensely disappointed after launch. Her kit was riddled with bugs, and for many, she wasn’t worth the pull as she was hardly an upgrade to any Spiral Abyss team with her high energy costs and low defense.

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Yae Miko using Elemental Skill Sakura Fox Turret screenshot.HoYoverse
Yae Miko’s launch disappointed players, and fixes haven’t helped.

HoYoverse did try to fix Yae Miko in Genshin Impact Version 2.6, pushing out a change where “Sesshou Sakura will now prioritize attacks on the nearest opponents within range” rather than random enemies.

It fell flat though, with HoYoverse quickly reverting the changes just a week after its March 30 launch.

“We have made a rollback to the change to the character Yae Miko, whereby her Sesshou Sakura ability prioritizes attacks on the nearest opponent within range,” an in-game message read.

“After the rollback, Sesshou Sakura will randomly attack an enemy within range.”

Genshin Impact mail regarding Yae Miko fix revertHoYoverse
Genshin Impact players can claim 100 Primogems following the Yae Miko revert.

HoYoverse compensated Genshin Impact players with 100 Primogems for the inconvenience, but the revert was well received by players. Now though, they are calling on HoYoverse to ship some meaningful buffs to Yae Miko that aren’t just ‘spend money for constellations’.

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“Her damage isn’t the issue at all, it’s her squishiness. Her damage is fine. We just need her to be interruption [resistant] when she puts her turrets or she puts them fast, instead of the small pause in between,” one player said.

“Stagger res or iframes… should be added as well,” another added.

While some are of the sentiment the change has made her viable again in Taser teams, players want her to take up less on-field time for who is essentially a setup character, and maybe look at reducing her energy cost.

However, HoYoverse has very rarely shipped buffs or nerfs for characters following their release ⁠— Zhongli being an exception to the norm. If changes do eventually come, we’ll let you know.

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