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When is Klee’s Re-run Banner coming to Genshin Impact? Release date & more

Published: 3/Jun/2021 23:38 Updated: 4/Jun/2021 0:06

by Meg Bethany Koepp


Klee is the fan-favorite, pint-sized Spark Knight in Genshin Impact, but her 5-star rarity means she’s impossible to get unless she has her own Banner. Luckily, her Re-run is coming soon, so those who don’t yet have the Pyro character have a chance to win her.

The rare Knights of Favonius member is extremely popular in Genshin Impact; not just because she’s cute AF, but because she packs a mighty punch with her Pyro bombs, especially when paired with other 5-star heroes like Venti.

Because of her power, she’s one of the most coveted characters but her rare status means she was only ever available in late 2020 in the Sparkling Steps Banner. And even then, winning her was never a guarantee. If you missed out, though, there’s hope – her Wish event is returning with Update 1.6!


klee in genshin impact
Klee is a popular Pyro DPS.

When is Klee’s Banner returning to Genshin Impact?

The Sparkling Steps Banner is confirmed to be next after Eula’s Born of Ocean Swell Banner, meaning hopeful fans don’t have long to wait at all.

It starts on June 9 at 8 PM PT / 11PM ET and ends on June 30 at 02:59 AM PT / 05:59 AM ET, giving you three weeks to try and score the character.

If you already have the pyromaniac, this is a great time to attempt for her Stella Fortuna as it allows you to activate her Constellations – and who doesn’t want her party support skill?

Klee’s drop rate in the Sparkling Steps Banner

Her drop rate is suspected to be the same as other rare promotional characters on a Banner: if you win a 5-star, there’s a 50% chance it’ll be Klee. If it’s not, she’s 100% guaranteed to be the next 5-star you pull.


Genshin Impact also has a Pity system, guaranteeing a 5-star drop after 90 consecutive Wishes without one. Fans have been stockpiling this number as we get closer to the event in hopes of her appearing quicker for them.

Other Genshin Impact 5-star characters on Klee’s Banner

At the time of writing, the other 5-stars on Klee’s Sparkling Steps Banner have yet to be confirmed, but a recent datamine shows that it will most likely be Fischl, Sucrose, and Barbara.

This is the perfect time to get their Stella Fortuna if you haven’t maxed out their Constellations yet.