Genshin Impact players furious at miHoYo over “useless” free 4-star weapon

Brent Koepp
Genshin Impact Paimon next to Cinnabar Spindle WeaponmiHoYo

Genshin Impact players are furious after a leak claimed to reveal the next free 4-star weapon for update 2.3. Fans of the miHoYo gacha RPG argue the new sword is “useless.”

With every new update in Genshin Impact, miHoYo likes to give away free rewards to entice users to participate in the latest content. However, some fans are angry after a datamine revealed what is likely to be the game’s next free weapon.

According to the new leak, fans who log in during Update 2.3 in December 2021 can get their hands on the Cinnabar Spindle 4-star sword. Some players are furious, though, calling the weapon one of the “worst” items the developer has offered.

Genshin Impact Albedo holding Cinnabar Spindle sword screenshotmiHoYo / YouTube: AbnormalBeing
The free 4-star weapon is supposedly releasing in update 2.3.

Genshin Impact fans hate free weapon in Update 2.3

While not 100% confirmed, dataminers in October revealed that players will likely be given the Cinnabar Spindle 4-Star Sword for free in December after completing a special event that takes place in Dragonspire.

The only problem is, the sword’s main stat is entirely focused on Defense, which the majority of characters that use the weapon do not rely on. The item appears to be aimed at Geo character Albedo. 

It makes sense given the event is said to be based around the hero. The item’s niche usage didn’t sit well with some players, though, who took to social media and forums to vent their frustrations. 

“This is free? It’s absolutely useless for everyone but Albedo,” a player reacted. Another agreed and said, “Should’ve just made it a five-star sword and given a different weapon out for free, this isn’t good on anybody except for Albedo lol.”

Other fans accused miHoYo of wasting one of the best-looking weapons in the game to date.

“What a waste of a gorgeous sword to be an only Abedo weapon, pain,” a fan wrote. “It’s the best looking four-star weapon in the game and it’s borderline unusable on any character that’s not Albedo, and even for Albedo it’s not a huge jump over the Harbinger of Dawn.”

Genshin Impact players vent frustration over free 4-star weapon on redditReddit
Fans of the gacha RPG vented their frustrations over the possible free 4-star weapon.

Despite the backlash, not every player is angry. Albedo mains in particular are overjoyed by the possibility of getting Cinnabar Spindle. Not only does the sword look incredible with the character, but its Defense stat specifically synergizes with his abilities.

The point of contention, it seems, is that some fans believe that the free weapon should be geared towards more than one character. After all, not everyone has the 5-star Geo hero. Only time will tell if miHoYo will listen to complaints or if it even makes its way to the game.