Genshin Impact players are trying to delete “insulting” Aloy from their game

Horizon Zero Dawn Aloy next to Genshin Impact version of AloyPlayStation / miHoYo

Days after being given away for free, Genshin Impact PC players are trying to delete 5-star character Aloy from their accounts. Fans of the miHoYo gacha title are protesting the Horizon Zero Dawn heroine’s addition to the game.

For Genshin Impact’s 2.1 update, developer miHoYo collaborated with Sony to add Aloy as a playable character. While PS5 users got the Horizon Zero Dawn protagonist in September, PC and mobile players received her a month later in October’s 2.2 patch.

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Despite her being the title’s first major 5-star character to be given out for free, many fans of the RPG are not happy with her being added to the world of Teyvat. Some gamers dislike the PlayStation mascot so much that they are going to great lengths to delete her.

Genshin Impact Aloy Gameplay screenshotmiHoYo
The PlayStation character made her debut in Genshin Impact’s 2.1 update.

Genshin Impact players are deleting Aloy

Although many players were happy to be given a free 5-star character, the announcement of Aloy was also met with mixed reactions from some fans critical of her inclusion in Genshin Impact’s lore. On social media and forums, a flurry of angry users expressed their wish to delete the heroine.

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One YouTube video went viral after showing the great lengths some are going to remove the PlayStation character from their account. The clip demonstrates one user trying to delete the mail message without claiming Aloy, only to discover miHoYo disabled the delete button for unclaimed gifts.

As a workaround, the player then explained they will use the developer’s own mail system against them as old messages are deleted after a set amount of time. “Perhaps the only way to completely remove her from your account is to wait 365 days so she gets automatically deleted,” they said.

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While the video appeared to be satire, angry players praised the video for its genius idea and took to the comments to express their own wish to to get rid of the free character.

“Really wish that I can just turn her into primogems,” one comment wrote. Another exclaimed, “I wish I thought to not claim her…I’ll just keep her at level 1 out of spite.”

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Others expressed their want to delete her as well: “I won’t lie, I was tempted to delete it cause I didn’t want her” and “I also wanted to delete Aloy,” two players said.

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Genshin Impact players wanting to delete Aloy Comments

The YouTube upload also had fans of the miHoYo venting their frustrations. “If I can exchange her with 50 intertwined fate, that would be great,” a commentator posted in reaction.

One user even called the addition an insult to other characters: “Aloy being 5 was a big insult to all 5 star characters. She should be first 3 star character.”

Genshin Impact players critical of Aloy

The viral video had many vowing to do the same strategy in the hopes of removing Aloy from their account. Yes, you read that right – some are willing to wait an entire year to get rid of her.

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Of course, it goes without saying that the trick has a high chance of not working since miHoYo has already taken steps to prevent deletion. Still, some users dislike the PlayStation character’s addition into the Genshin universe so much, they are willing to try.

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