Disguised Toast trolls LilyPichu over Genshin Impact voice acting role

Disguised Toast streamingDisguised Toast

Twitch streamer Jeremy ‘Disguised Toast’ Wang jokingly trolled LilyPichu over her Gesnhin Impact voice-acting role, leading to a comical clip that left Sayu fans in hysterics. 

During his recent sponsored Genshin Impact stream, Disguised Toast decided to troll his friend and fellow OTV member, LilyPichu. For those that don’t know, LilyPichu provided the English dub for Sayu – the game’s pint-sized ninja. 

As a fan of Genshin Impact, this was obviously a big moment for the popular streamer, who has previously spoken about her experience voicing the game’s beloved character. Since then, Lily has been a huge fan of Genshin Impact, even going as far as to spend huge amounts of money on the game’s banners

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However, Disguised Toast found the perfect opportunity to troll LilyPichu and call out her League of Legends skills. “Why does she sound so familiar? I can’t place my hand on it, but her voice is p*ssing me off,” joked the streamer. 

“It makes me want to yell at her. It sounds like someone who doesn’t call out missing in the game League of Legends. Sounds like someone who won’t rotate to dragon when I need it.” After exploring Sumeru as Sayu, Toast then began the Golden Slumber World Quest.

After entering the ruins, Toast quickly found himself taking damage from nearby traps, which led to Sayu’s demise. “Whoops, ah, it’s only Lily,” laughed Toast. It’s no big deal, it happens, she doesn’t mind”.

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While Sayu wasn’t so lucky, Toast did manage to demolish a number of the game’s World Bosses with Nahida – showcasing just how powerful the new Dendro Archon can be. Make sure to check out our Genshin Impact page for all the latest news and guides.