Best free 4 star Artifacts in Genshin Impact

James Busby
Four-Star Artifacts Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact’s world may be incredibly beautiful, but it is also home to some very dangerous creatures. In fact, Teyvat’s most fearsome foes can leave you high and dry if your characters aren’t equipped with the game’s four-star Artifacts. Find out which Artifacts you should be using in Genshin Impact in our handy guide.

While equipping high damage weapons will help you shred through the Hilichurl hordes and obliterate the game’s monolithic bosses, you’ll also need to kit your party out with Genshin Impact’s best Artifacts. Whether you’re a fresh-faced beginner just starting out on your journey or a veteran adventurer looking to increase your DPS, you’ll want to add these Artifacts to your collection. 

Of course, the chances of obtaining a five-star Artifact will largely depend on your Adventure Rank and World Level. The higher your Adventure Rank, the better your chances of snagging game-changing loot. While five-star items are always stronger than the game’s lower-tier loot, there are a number of four-star pieces you should consider upgrading ASAP. 

In order to help you save your upgrade materials and time, we’ve listed the five best four-star Artifacts you should be using. 

Martial Artist

Genshin Impact Martial Artist Artifact description
The Martial Artist set will take your damage to new heights.

This particular Artifact is one of the best four-star damage-based Artifacts in the current game, so you’ll want to equip this on your main DPS as soon as you get it.

The reason why the Martial Artist’s Artifact is so strong is because of its two-piece set bonus, which increases normal and charged attack damage by 15%. This may seem like an incremental stat increase, but when you combine this with the Artifact’s main attack stat, you’ll be dishing out plenty of lethal damage in no time. 

Resolution of Sojourner

Resolution of Sojourner Artifact description
The Resolution of Sojourner is great for those that wish to increase their DPS even further.

The Resolution of Sojourner is another Artifact that is purely based on beefing up your damage output and works wonders when equipped with the Martial Artist set. When you equip two pieces from this Artifact tree, you’ll gain an 18% increase to your character’s damage.

Depending on the pieces you use, you’ll either receive added health or attack from the Artifact’s main stat. While we don’t recommend equipping the full set, doing so will grant you a 30% increase to your charged attack crit rate. It’s certainly not hard to see why the Resolution of Sojourner remains a popular pick. 


Elemental Reactions are a sure-fire way to melt through your enemies’ health bars.

While dealing plenty of damage with standard attacks is always going to be beneficial, the Instructor set increases your character’s ability power. After all, the best Genshin Impact players are constantly switching between their team’s members in order to apply deadly Elemental Reactions like Vaporize, Melt, Overloaded, Superconduct, and Electro-Charged.

However, the amount of damage you’ll deal will largely depend on how much Elemental Mastery your character has. Fortunately, the Instructor set is all about boosting this elemental stat and increases your Mastery by 80, making your combos hit harder than ever before. 

The Exile

The Exile Artifact description
Ability cooldown reduction is always going to be incredibly useful in Genshin Impact.

Setting up Elemental Reactions is arguably the most fun and efficient way to take down your foes, so there’s nothing worse than having to wait for lengthy ability cooldowns. Not only does this greatly disrupt the flow of battle, it also means you’re not able to deal as much damage. This where the Exile set comes in. Equipping two Artifacts from the Exile tree will give you 20% Energy Recharge, allowing you to quickly get back to unleashing your lethal abilities and deadly ultimates. 

Meanwhile, the four-piece set bonus regenerates two energy for other party members every 2s for 6s whenever an Elemental Burst is used. Consider equipping the full Exile set on any support characters that rely on their abilities to greatly enhance their elemental output. 


Berserker Artifact description
Who doesn’t like to cut through waves of monsters with deadly crits?

As the name suggests, the Berserker set is tailored around unleashing lethal hits that leave your foes groveling in the dirt.

If you choose to equip two Exile Artifacts, then your character will gain a 12% increase to their crit rate. This may seem like a relatively small percentage, but when you have a weapon with a quick attack animation and one that has a decent crit chance, you’ll be able to chunk through your foe’s health in no time.

While the Berserker set is a lot more situational than the Martial Artist and Resolution of Sojourner, it’s still a great choice for those that wish to go for a satisfying crit build.

If you want to level up the rest of your Genshin Impact gameplay, then be sure to check out our other tips and guides.

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