Asmongold reveals his first reaction to Genshin Impact anime

Asmongold and LumineAsmongold/HoYoverse

Twitch star Asmongold has given his opinion on the Genshin Impact anime trailer, providing his insights on the highly-anticipated production.

The Genshin Impact anime is currently in the works and will be produced by the critically acclaimed Japanese animation studio, Ufotable. This ambitious project has been highly requested by fans since the game’s release, but now Travelers will have a new way to experience the world of Genshin Impact when it releases.

While HoYoverse has yet to reveal how long the show will be or what story elements it will include, fans agree that the “long-term project” looks absolutely stunning. Even popular Twitch streamer, Asmongold, has weighed in on the discussion – giving his opinion on the upcoming Genshin Impact anime.

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Asmongold on Genshin Impact anime

“I’ll be honest, I didn’t like the artstyle,” said Asmongold. “The frame rate was really kind of weird, it reminded me of a lot of an anime/cartoon from the 90s or something – it wasn’t super good, but I think the [trailer] was nice and really well put together.”

The Genshin Impact anime trailer was originally revealed to the world during the 3.1 livestream, which gave Travelers an early look at the upcoming project, alongside the latest content that will be added to the game.

Despite Asmongold being a little hesitant over the artstyle, the streamer did note how Ufotable – the animation studio behind the Genshin Impact anime makes it more appealing. After all, Ufotable is known for creating some of the most beautiful environments and adrenaline-fueled fight scenes in the industry, with works ranging from Demon Slayer to the Fate series.

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“If this comes out, I’ll watch it,” explained the streamer. “I will, I will probably 100% watch f*cking watch this. I’m really hoping that this is good. I mean, honestly, every time they do one of these it just makes me think that we should have had a WoW anime, but instead, we had that weird fcking bullsh*t with orcs and humans, but either way, I think this [Genshin Impact anime] is promising.”