Twitch streamer SmashGodxXx banned after allegedly assaulting girlfriend on stream

Streamer abuse girlfriend on TwitchTwitch: SmashGodxXx

A Twitch streamer with over 11,000 followers has been accused of beating his girlfriend on stream, after clips surfaced where he denies “slapping” her, but screams and thumps can be heard. SmashGodxXx’s channel has now been banned.

The streamer, who goes by SmashGodxXx, was seen asking his girlfriend to leave the room. As she ignored him, he turned the camera to the side, and an audible slap could be heard.

Following the initial clip, the streamer and his girlfriend both addressed the claims made from viewers about the incident. SmashGodxXx suggested that viewers were making a “big deal” out of it, saying “it wasn’t even a slap, it was just literally like a slash.”

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Throughout the stream, he continually blames his girlfriend, saying “it’s on her.” “If she wants to act up for content, or whatever it may be, and she wants to cost my life for this, and my job, that’s on her. Honestly, I try my best.”

Streamer SmashGodxXxTwitch: SmashGodxXx
The streamer appeared to admit to slapping his girlfriend after an argument.

As he repeats that he isn’t to blame, and that it wasn’t a serious instance of abuse, his girlfriend sits almost silent and in tears.

Then, he proceeds to hug her, although the woman seems reluctant to return the affection. In perhaps the most startling segment, the streamer’s sister enters to take the camera out of the room. Despite her talking to camera, loud thuds and screams can be heard.

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Warning: Viewers may find the footage distressing.

A full 16-minute recording to the stream has been kept and uploaded via Streamable, as the original VOD and clips from the stream have been removed, presumably by SmashGodxXx himself.

Much of this video features SmashGodxXx claiming his partner “caused this.” As the woman sits in tears, he even says that everything is fine with them. Near the end of the video, his sister enters the room and takes the camera out.

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In his community Discord, screenshots show the streamer attempting to bury Reddit posts about the situation.

In one comment, he writes “Please downvote that sh*t” and asks people to report the post.

Streamer messages on discordImgur
Messages from SmashGodxXx on Discord show alleged attempts to brigade Reddit posts about the clips.

On March 31, his channel was banned from Twitch. SmashGodxXx has been banned on numerous occasions before, in 2018 and 2019.

On Discord, he states that he will appeal the ban, because “clip showed me doing nothing wrong.”

SmashGodxXx on Discord

Twitch does not comment on community guideline violations to respect the privacy of users.

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A previous case of abuse on Twitch with another streamer resulted in a permanent ban, and the user was charged with assault. MrDeadMoth was accidentally allowed to return to the platform, but was quickly re-banned.

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