YouTuber PokeRev reveals how many Happy Meals it took to complete McDonald’s Pokemon set

Emma Hill
YouTuber PokeRev explains how many new Pokemon cards he needs to make a complete set

YouTuber PokeRev has discovered just how many McDonald’s Happy Meals he’d need to buy before collecting all 15 of the newest McDonald’s Pokemon cards.

TCG collectors can spend years gathering some of the world’s rarest and most valuable Pokemon cards to complete their set.

However, fans were overjoyed to learn that getting their hands on the newest set of Pokemon collectibles could be as simple as buying a Big Mac, as global fast food chain McDonald’s started giving them away in Happy Meals.

Although, collecting all 15 of the cards isn’t as easy as it sounds as one YouTuber PokeRev discovered during his mission to complete the set.

PokeRev completes set of 2022 McDonald’s Pokemon cards

YouTuber PokeRev documented his entire journey trying to fill a binder full of 2022 Pokemon cards which can be found in a McDonald’s Happy Meal. Although he bought a couple of the packs from the fast food chain himself, he also bought many more from a collector online.

Opening all 10 of the different Pokemon packs available, PokeRev showed how each gift came a series of goodies. This included instructions on how to play the trading card game, a unique spinner, a coin, and of course a pack of new Pokemon cards.

There are four cards available per pack each containing a special and rare hollow card. Although, finding the final hollow card to complete his set proved much harder than Poke anticipated.

Thankfully, Poke managed to find a hollow Rowlet card just as he reached his tenth pack. He proudly added it to his collection after having previously been mistaken in thinking that each regular Pokemon also came with a hollow.

This means that if viewers are lucky enough, it could take as many as 10 different Happy Meals before collectors can find all 15 of the Pokemon cards — 5 hollows and 10 regulars.

The newest collection of Pokemon cards may not be the most valuable in the TCG market. However, that could all change for budding collectors in the future.

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