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xQc rages at “broken” Jump King as 4 hour run ends in disaster

Published: 10/Aug/2021 23:42 Updated: 11/Aug/2021 5:44

by Dylan Horetski


Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is at it again with another rage after a four-hour Jump King session on Twitch ends in disaster, just like it does for everyone else that’s played it. 

A lot of things can go wrong when playing any platformer, but Jump King introduced a special twist by being entirely vertical. This takes away most chances of recovering from a fall, with hitting the bottom is considered a “death”.

However, this is not the first time the streamer has tried to defeat the wretched game. Unlike many others around the world, he actually completed it back in December 2019, breaking down in front of 50,000 viewers on his channel. 


The game has seen a major jump in popularity on Twitch of late, going from 217 viewers on August 8 to 11,148 on August 9 according to TwitchTracker. The likes of Forsen, xQc, and Mizkif have been playing it on stream – with xQc particularly wanting to complete it again. 

You would think he would have it pretty well mastered, right? Well, he decided to jump back on the game again, and it seems he’s a little bit rusty. 

xQc Twitch

xQc rages after Jump King fail 

During his August 9 stream, the former professional Overwatch player decided to play Jump King getting a few hours into the game before disaster struck. Just like most people, he fell while attempting to make a tricky wall jump.


While his character was falling, the streamer leaned back into his chair making a very haunted expression – cringing while looking away from the game. He then proceeded to bite the wrist rest of his keyboard while tearing away, removing the rest from the base of the keyboard.

After spitting the wrist rest out of his mouth, he yelled: “What the f***’s going on with the game, it’s BROKEN” before he laid back in his chair again and stared at the game in disbelief.

This isn’t the only time a major streamer or creator has raged on Jump King. In fact, everyone raged when the game first came out.


While he’s probably dreaming of conquering the game for a second time and going viral doing it, he’s going to have to do better than this to make it that far.