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xQc pitches brilliant PS5 idea, but wants a cut of the profit

Published: 16/Nov/2020 22:10

by Michael Gwilliam


Like many streamers, Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel was all over Sony’s newest console, the PlayStation 5, when it released. And while he likes the design, the popular broadcaster pitched his own idea for the PS5’s hub that he expects a cut of the profit for.

While loading up Astro’s Playroom on the console, Lengyel explained how he had a way to make it better and really connect players and their individual experiences.

“I want one percent of the sales from this idea,” xQc stressed before digging into his concept. “I think I have this room, back to the main room, as like almost a PS5 hub.”


The French Canadian jumped over the Playroom’s many artifacts as he continued to describe the idea.

xQc plays Astro playroom
xQc’s idea would make a PS5 hub more unique.

“The players go in and they can just chill there while they’re waiting for a game to download. Each game they buy, you credit devs to create an asset. So lets say because I finished Dark Souls, you give me a blade that lands here that I can probably customize. Or a helmet,” he elaborated.

With xQc’s idea, every game would have their own assets. Whenever a game is completed, they can get “one idea” and players can have all their achievements in one spot.


“Like items on their shelves back at home, but in the game. Like a trophy room, but a bit better than that,” he added.

The concept earned a lot of praise from viewers who started spamming “PogU crazy idea” or other similar remarks.

Later on, Lengyel added to his Playroom hub concept by suggesting that players could buy wallpaper such as a “five-dollar PS5 bundle” that would include graffiti or certain colors.

“Like I said, if you’re going to do that, one percent of the profit has to go back to me!” xQc exclaimed. “Otherwise that’s f**king stupid. Because I gave you the idea, come on man.”


While it’s doubtful that Sony implements the feature or even decides to give xQc a share of the profit, it’s definitely an idea worthy of some consideration on PlayStation’s end.

That said, as it stands, xQc is already one of the richest streamers on the platform without any kickbacks from a PS5 idea. In 2020, the former Overwatch League pro earned an estimated $1,984,001 from Twitch alone.

Any income from Sony would just the icing on the cake for the 25-year-old.