YouTuber destroys PS5 and tries to return it to Gamestop

youtuber washing ps5 in soapMega64

The launch of the PS5 has proven to be a huge deal over the last few days. But, a YouTuber has already destroyed one and tried to return it to GameStop for a refund in a bizarre video.

The PlayStation 5 is a tough commodity to get a hold of. With pre-orders and demand greatly outweighing the supply, anyone that’s managed to secure a PS5 can consider themselves fortunate. On the flip side, anyone unable to procure one has been left to feel disappointed.

To rub salt into the wound, a popular YouTuber by the name of Mega64 hasn’t handled his PS5 with great care. Boasting over half a million subscribers, Mega64 – real-name Rocco Botte – films himself buying the console with Demon’s Souls, returning home, and letting the entertainment commence.

Destroying a PS5

After purchasing his console from Gamestop, Mega64 returns home with his new purchase – a brand new PS5 Digital Edition. He excitedly sets up the machine and tries to insert Demon’s Souls into the console, the joke being that he’s forgotten it’s a disc-less console.

From there, Rocco fumbles around trying to find a way to insert the disc to no avail. He resorts to drastic measures including applying washing up liquid to the disc and covering the PS5 in mayonnaise. When all else fails, he resorts to tools and proceeds to dismantle the console in a fit of rage.

Now, the video is obviously all supposed to be acting – that is until he tries to return it to Gamestop. He leaves a Gamestop employee completely bemused as the console is saturated in all-manner of liquids and is in literal pieces.

Needless to say, the Gamestop employee is not amused, and won’t refund the purchase. Rocco says he’ll settle for a new Xbox S instead. He does appear to walk off with something, but whether it is indeed the Xbox remains to be seen.

Whilst the comedic element is clearly present here, the sheer waste of the console may upset some people. It’s also not the first time the channel has featured the destruction of a Sony console either.

He was also seen destroying a PSP Go in one of his videos. Again, this was another console that didn’t require physical games as it is a purely digital console.