Watch Dogs Legion officially announced – Release date, trailer, gameplay

Meg Bethany Koepp

Ubisoft finally unveiled Watch Dogs Legion during their E3 2019 presentation on June 10, after months of speculation as to what the next entry in the series could look like.

Ubisoft confirmed on June 4 that Watch Dogs Legion would show its face at E3, sending eagerly waiting fans into hype mode.

The wait is finally over, as a trailer officially unveiling the game was shown off, finally detailing what the game is, where it will take place, and who the main characters are.

UbisoftWatch Dogs Legion is set in London, United Kingdom.

Where is Watch Dogs Legion set?

Watch Dogs Legion is officially set in London, United Kingdom, after months of speculation and leaks suggested it would take place in the city.

It is set in a post-Brexit dystopian world, and instead of having a single protagonist, players will take control of multiple characters with a multitude of different skill sets.

UbisoftThe game has many playable characters.

Who do you play as?

Some of the main playable characters include:

  • A courageous ex-spy from the prestigious MI5 group.
  • A talented robotics expert who got kicked out of one of the UK’s top universities for “teaching robots to reproduce”
  • A bare-knuckle champion with insane boxing skills.
  • An old lady retired assassin, who is “the deadliest of the lot”

Every NPC in the game can be hacked and controlled, making the game the most accessible in the series.

Players will recruit characters to hacker group DedSec to take on “criminals, a corrupt private military corporation, and an oppressive surveillance state amidst a collapsed government.”

When is the game coming out?

Watch Dogs Legion is releasing worldwide on March 6, 2020 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Google Stadia systems.

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