Warzone players slam new Rebirth After Dark as BR’s “worst lighting yet”

Shay Robson

Warzone players are furious with the new limited-time Rebirth After Dark weather and lighting changes, slamming it as the BR’s “worst lighting yet.”

The last Warzone season of Vanguard‘s lifecycle is well underway now, but some of the Season 5 changes haven’t been well received by players so far.

Most notably, players have taken issue with the battle royale’s visibility, as the Raven developers adjusted the weather and lighting on Caldera. However, the changes were for the worst, as “horrible” sun glare returned.

Now, similarly, players aren’t happy with the limited-time Rebirth After Dark mode, which they claim is the game’s “worst lighting yet.”

Warzone players slam Rebirth After Dark lighting

Just over a week ago on August 25, the release of Season 5 also cleared the storm that was cast over Rebirth Island to instead feature a “warm and lush sunset casting a vibrant hue over the map.”

However, the weather and lighting have now been changed once more with the new special limited-time mode. While it’s only temporary, running from September 2 till September 4, the regular Rebirth Island has been replaced with Rebirth After Dark — allowing players to experience the map in a darker setting.

Needless to say, it hasn’t been received well by the Warzone community, who’s slammed the changes and voiced their complaints in a series of Reddit threads.

“This is the worst lighting yet. Why can’t they just do proper night like they did before,” one frustrated player wrote.

“Just brilliant visibility,” another joked in a different thread, and suggested the devs should’ve gone for a nighttime look instead. “Anyone know why they’ve gone for this look? They really should have gone for the night time look they did for Halloween that one time.”

One fan argued that the limited-time ‘After Dark’ mode would be fun if it wasn’t for the fog. “If it wasn’t for the fog it’d be fun.”

Thankfully, the Rebirth After Dark isn’t here to stay permanently and is set to leave the playlist after September 4.

Hopefully, the devs will reconsider adding the mode back when it comes time for Halloween celebrations.

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