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How to unlock Wisp in Warframe – abilities, blueprints, materials, more

Published: 8/May/2021 23:23 Updated: 26/May/2021 10:44

by Nick Farrell


One of the most popular Warframes Digital Extremes has introduced — Wisp — is highly sought after among players. But, understanding and unlocking this Warframe can be a bit tricky. Here’s how to unlock Wisp! 

Warframe has been one of the most successful titles that developer Digital Extremes has released, and its popularity has vastly increased in recent years. The third-person cooperative shooter has been one of the highest risers in the Steam charts as of late, and it features some fascinating characters.

The game now boasts over 40 Warframes, which are basically the characters players are able to play during the game. Wisp was the 40th Warframe introduced, and it is without a doubt one of the most popular. This is due to a combination of factors including her appearance, abilities, and lore. Here’s how to unlock Wisp, along with details surrounding her abilities and best-farming methods!


wisp warframe
Digital Extremes
Wisp is one of the most popular Warframes

How to unlock Wisp

Wisp was added into Warframe on May 22nd, 2019; and offers a support playstyle that has been a hit among players of the game. The process of unlocking Wisp is one that follows the same pattern as other Warframes, which revolve around collecting blueprints.

You will need four blueprints in total; main, neuroptics, chassis, and systems. Players will be able to collect all four of these blueprints by battling and defeating the boss Ropalolyst, who is located on the planet of Jupiter. Once you have completed enough battles to find all four blueprints, you will then be able to start the process in constructing Wisp.


Wisp’s blueprints and materials needed

As noted above, there are four blueprints players will need to collect by battling Ropalolyst that are needed to build Wisp. All of these blueprints spawn at roughly the same rate after you defeat Ropalolyst, and they all require different materials to finish.

wisp warframe blueprint
Digital Extremes
All materials needed for each Wisp blueprint

Below is a rundown of all materials needed for each blueprint!

  • Neuroptics
    • 15000 Credits, 2 Tellurium, 950 Plastids, 2200 Polymer Bundle, 390 Hexenon
  • Chassis
    • 15000 Credits, 1 Argon Crystal, 700 Oxium, 2750 Alloy Plate, 500 Hexenon
  • Systems
    • 15000 Credits, 2 Nitain Extract, 950 Rubedo, 10000 Salvage, 400 Hexenon
  • Main
    • 25000 Credits, 1 Wisp Neuroptics, 1 Wisp Chassis, 1 Wisp Systems, 3 Orokin Cells

The three basic blueprints take roughly 12 hours to finish, while the Main blueprint takes a total of 72 days to complete! But, all of these times can be speed up by using Platinum; the three primary blueprints will take 25 to rush. While on the flip side, the Main blueprint takes 50 Platinum.


Best places to farm for materials

While you may be lucky enough to already have access to the materials needed for each blueprint, more often than not, you are not going to have all the materials needed. It can be a bit of a pain roaming around planets hoping the material you need is located in a certain spot. So, we thought it would be a good idea to run over locations where you will have the best chance to find these materials!

Keep in mind, materials such as Tellurium, Oxium, Nitain Extract, and Argon Crystals are much rarer than most materials. So, it might take some time before you are able to find all of them; but it should not take too long.


  • Alloy Plate
    • Found on the planets Jupiter, Venus, Sedna, Pluto, and Phobos
  • Plastids
    • Found on the planets Uranus, Phobos, Pluto, Eris, and Saturn
  • Polymer Bundle
    • Found on the planets Venus, Uranus, and Mercury
  • Salvage
    • Found on the planets Seda, Jupiter, and Mars
  • Rubedo
    • Found on the planets Earth, Pluto, Sedna, Europa, Phobos, and within the Orokin Void
  • Hexenon
    • Found via drops from enemies on Jupiter
  • Argon Crystals
    • Found via drops within the Orokin Void
  • Tellurium
    • Found within the Archwing Grineer Selab and dropped from enemies within Grineer Asteroid Fortress
  • Nitain Extract
    • Can either be obtained as a bounty reward or found in Reactor Sabotage
  • Oxium
    • Can be found via bounty rewards, Grineer Selab Sabotage quests, or dropped Oxium Ospreys
warframe star chart
Digital Extremes
You will need to a bit of exploring in order to get all materials needed for Wisp

Wisp abilities

Now that you have unlocked Wisp, you may be wondering what exactly her abilities entail and how to play around them. Wisp is similar to other Warframes and offers four abilities that players will be able to use.

Wisp also has a pretty stellar passive ability, as when you are in the air, she enters into another dimension essentially. This enables the player to become completely invisible to enemies until she lands. But, if you are shot at with a silenced weapon, this will negate the invisibility and Wisp will be shown to her enemies. Below is a rundown of Wisp’s four abilities, along with how much energy each one costs.


  • Wil-O-Wisp – 35 energy
    • Cast forward a spectral image of Wisp to confuse and distract enemies. Reactivate to travel to its position. Hold to have the image travel faster and teleport to its position on release
  • Reservoirs – 25 energy
    • Choose and summon a Reservoir filled with Motes that attach to and aid Wisp and her allies. Haste Mote grants increased movement and attack speed. Vitality Mote increases maximum health and heals over time. Shock Mote stuns nearby enemies
  • Sol Gate – 25 energy
    • Open a portal to the sun to irradiate enemies with a devastating beam of pure solar plasma. Hold fire to double Damage at the cost of increased energy consumption. For the duration of an attack enemies damaged by Sol Gate are increasingly more vulnerable to it
  • Breach Surge – 50 energy
    • Open a dimensional breach to overwhelm nearby enemies and cause them to release aggressive Surge sparks when damaged. Wisp may also target a Reservoir to teleport to it and double the range of the surge
Wisp abilites and what they do
Digital Extremes
Wisp has some amazing abilities!

What’s Wisp’s signature weapon?

For those wondering, Wisp does have a signature weapon and it is the Fulmin! When this is equipped when using Wisp, the animation time between mode switching is reduced from 1 second to 0.5 seconds!