How to get Platinum in Warframe

How to get Platinum in WarframeDigital Extremes

Warframe is an impressively generous free-to-play title, but if you’re looking to speed up crafting or unlock some new goodies, you’ll want to get Platinum. Here’s how to get Platinum in Warframe.

Warframe has been around since 2013, and Digital Extremes’ space-ninja title just keeps growing, adding more and content including open-world areas and, of course, new Warframes.

With so many currencies and materials on offer, though, you may be wondering how to get Platinum in Warframe. While it is a premium currency, it is possible to get some for free, too.

Here’s how to get Platinum in Warframe.

How to get Platinum in WarframeDigital Extremes
Warframe’s snazziest characters are easily attainable with Platinum.

How to get Platinum in Warframe

Almost everything in Warframe can be earned through gameplay, but Platinum is often used to acquire new materials, items, or speed up crafting.

While you can open your wallet and buy Platinum from your platform storefront of choice, there are a few ways to earn it for free.

For one, Warframe has an impressive player trading system that means players can pay you Platinum for gear and items you may not want. That makes it extra important to harvest all you can during missions.

There are two sites to help players start trades, and neither are affiliated with Digital Extremes – so tread carefully. You can use Warframe.Market, or the very similar Riven.Market. Both are pretty simple to use, and while you won’t see a huge windfall unless you’re selling particularly rare items, it’s a nice way to meet other players.

Sadly, you won’t get those rare items anytime soon when starting out, but developer Digital Extremes occasionally hands Platinum out during promotional events.

If you’re a Prime Gaming subscriber, you can grab rewards through Amazon, too. These include cosmetics, as well as Platinum bundles and resource boosters.

Ultimately, though, the best way to get Platinum (and support Digital Extremes) is to buy it from the storefront. While you can buy Platinum on its own, you’ll get better value the more you spend, usually with bonus mods or materials. Just be careful not to spend too much.

That’s how to get Platinum in Warframe! We’ll see you out there, Tenno.