V Rising: Secrets of Gloomrot gameplay trailer reveals new biome, boss, enemies and more

New steed from V Rising: Secrets of GloomrotStunlock Studios

V Rising’s free expansion, Secrets of Gloomrot, is coming soon. Its first gameplay trailer dropped today, revealing a closer look at the new biome and the creatures it plays host to.

V Rising has been out for almost a year now in early access, and fans have been waiting since the game’s initial release for more content. Stunlock Studios announced their plan to release a feature-packed expansion free to all players, dubbing the update ‘Secrets of Gloomrot.’

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After becoming one of the most played games on Steam almost as soon as it hit the platform and even overtaking the likes of Elden Ring, it’s no wonder that the V Rising developers had more content planned for the future. From new building mechanics to new enemies, it seems players can expect to pour in a good few hours when Secrets of Gloomrot releases.

While the team behind the hit title has shown off a bit of the upcoming expansion via their recent cinematic trailer, they have now revealed Secrets of Gloomrot’s first gameplay trailer. If you want to know more about what features were revealed, read on below.

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V Rising: Secrets of Gloomrot first gameplay trailer

While the gameplay trailer for Secrets of Gloomrot is just above a minute long, it still manages to pack in a good look at the expansion’s upcoming content. The first noticeable feature shown is a shadow-y new steed that your vampire will be able to ride. It appears to differ from the older horses, acting perhaps as an ability summon.

Another big part of Secrets of Gloomrot is on full display in the trailer, the new biome. Stunlock Studios has detailed the area, stating that it will be as big as the Dunley Farmlands. The trailer showcases Gloomrot and its new weather system, with striking lightning that players must avoid.

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Other elemental effects to watch out for include the forest’s spreading deadly mist and strong winds. The upcoming spell school overhaul will also bring with it a new type of magic that harnesses the power of storms, perhaps to help players combat the harsh environment Gloomrot offers.

The gameplay trailer also presents players with new enemies such as exterminators, live experiments, mutants, and technologists. The experiments-gone-wrong are influenced by the expansion’s primary boss himself, a mad scientist known as Doctor Henry Blackbrew.

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Clearly inspired by the likes of Victor Frankenstein, the boss encounter with Blackbrew is teased in the trailer. He laughs maniacally, threatening the player’s character and stating that he “ripped the lightning from the sky itself.”

Unfortunately, no specific information has been given yet about what Blackbrew’s V Blood rewards will be. Players can experience these features first-hand and see the science combine with seance when the Secrets of Gloomrot expansion drops on May 17. It will be downloadable precisely one year after the base game’s early access release.

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