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Twitch streamer goes viral after marathon stream with no sleep for insomnia awareness

Published: 12/Aug/2021 19:14 Updated: 16/Aug/2021 2:41

by Jaret Kappelman


Twitch streamer ‘CryptoWrench’ suffers from insomnia and PTSD, but has a great passion for video games. He recently streamed for 103 hours straight to raise awareness for people that suffer from these issues. 

Justin, also known as ‘CryptoWrench’ on Twitch, is a former member of the Semper Fi Marines and has been diagnosed with insomnia.

He says that he suffers from insomnia, PTSD, and severe rheumatoid arthritis. These all impacted his body and caused him to adjust his everyday living.

CryptoWrench streams to connect with other people and to build up a community. He recently set a huge milestone to raise awareness for everyone that suffers from any of these by streaming for a very long time.


Streamer raises awareness for people struggling with disabilities

Since CryptoWrench suffers from insomnia, PTSD, and RA – and he decided that he wanted to raise awareness for all those who don’t have a voice.

The streamer set off on a long journey, saying he was not doing this for the money and that no subs or donations from viewers would appear on the screen.

This was important to Justin, because he said it is hard to notice when people have insomnia. He said that, “The longer someone suffers from it, the harder it becomes to tell that someone suffers from it visually.”

He also mentions that, if you aren’t told beforehand, you wouldn’t even realize that the person is struggling with insomnia. In his 100th hour, he claims his reaction times were fine and the average person would just think he had a rough night of sleep.


CryptoWrench marathon stream recap 

Playing games such as Apex Legends and ATLAS, he was able to reach the milestone of 103 hours of streaming without any sort of rest.

While this was extremely impressive, the streamer said that he was not forcing himself to stay awake. Instead he streamed until his body was ready to sleep. CryptoWrench said that when he reached the 103 hour mark his body was ready for some slumber.

He said he also plans to have another stream to raise awareness for these issues later on this year – but this time, to break the world record.