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There are some major risks that come with changing your PSN username

Published: 25/Oct/2018 2:23

by Albert Petrosyan


While many may be thrilled with Sony finally allowing users to change their name on Playstation Network, there appear to be some serious risks for those who do.

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The ability to change a PSN name was first announced by Sony several weeks ago, and it’s currently available to those who have beta access to the feature.

According to a leak posted by some beta members on the ResetEra forum, Sony is warning those who try and change their username with a massive disclaimer.

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The disclaimer warns users that changing their PSN name could result in them losing access to content, including that which has been pre-paid, which can include add-ons, DLCs, and virtual currency.


Additionally, it can also cause players to lose progress within games, such as saved data, trophy progress, and leaderboard data. In some cases, some games and apps may not even function properly, both online and offline.

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Sony also makes sure to note that, despite there being an option for it, reverting back to their previous ID after having changed it may not fix any of the issues stated above. 

It’s not clear whether these issues are prevalent and commonly occurring, or if Sony is just trying to cover their own liability by warning users of any and all possible hitches.


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Regardless, the severity of these issues is a reasonable cause to worry, and players may want to think twice before changing their PSN username.

About Sony’s PSN name change feature

As mentioned above, the feature that allows PSN users to change their ID is currently in its beta stage and only available to a limited amount of invited users.

However, the preview program is set to end in November, and the full version of the feature will be released to all users in early 2019.

Users who get access to the feature will be able to get their first name change free, with all subsequent changes costing $10 USD / £7.99, with Playstation Plus users getting a 50% discount.


Sony will release a list of all games that will be compatible with this feature, which includes any game that was published after April 1, 2018.

Source – Gamespot