Fortnite Solos world kill record on console has been broken

Albert Petrosyan

A new player now holds the console world record for most eliminations in a Solo match in Fortnite.

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Competitive player ‘Whebs,’ who represents Bolt Esports, has managed to get a whopping total of 29 eliminations in a Solo lobby.

The previous Solo record was held by Teco1976, who had managed to get 27 eliminations in a single match on September 23. 

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Prior to that, the record has stood at 26 eliminations since January, when it was set by OVOPhantuums and and later matched by Teco in April.

Whebs posted a video of his magnificent, record-breaking performance on his YouTube channel on October 22, in which he dominates the entire lobby, stringing elimination after elimination.

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While the overall total of 29 eliminations is remarkable, perhaps the most impressive aspect was the fact that Whebz did not get his first elimination until there were only 73 players left in the lobby.

This meant that he ended up eliminating 29 of 73 opponents from that point, which comes out to nearly 40%, a quite unbelievable figure.

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Interestingly enough, this was the second console kill record broken in Fortnite in as many days. The Duos vs Squads record on console was broken on October 23, with the new record elimination total sitting at 40.

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