The First Descendant community blasts AFK players who leech mission rewards

Brianna Reeves
first descendant afk

Exhausted by players going AFK and leeching mission experience, The First Descendant community wants Nexon to implement measures that stop some players from taking advantage of others.

Games like Warframe have long dealt with their share of AFK players who do nothing during a mission, yet try to reap the rewards from the hard work done by fellow users.

The First Descendant marks the latest online shooter plagued by such behavior and its fledgling community is already fed up.

Redditor Arcticz_114 mentioned as much in a post calling out someone who followed them around and contributed nothing during missions “until 5 seconds before objective completion.” As the missions drew to a close, the other user would damage one enemy to ensure they earned the rewards.

Another Reddit user shared similar grievances elsewhere, in which they called for Nexon Games to add a vote-to-kick option.

The First Descendant player explained, “Originally I’m opposed to a vote kick because it can be easily abused and typically a solid AFK kick system tends to do the job. But after farming for Blair components all day… I changed my mind. Make a vote kick option because holy f*** are there so many AFKing leechers.”

While users on other forums have also advocated for a vote-kick system, many think it’s a step too far because it can be used for trivial reasons such as one person disliking someone else’s character choice.

One person posed a solution that would allow users to mark AFK players and essentially give them a warning. If they don’t move after a set time, the game kicks them.

Warframe also has an AFK system that players think would serve The First Descendant well, since it doesn’t reward players who remain inactive for too long during missions.

Nexon has not addressed whether it will implement measures to prevent AFK exploits.

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