MW3 matches plagued by “AFK” battle pass farmers

Daniel Appleford
Modern Warfare 3 operator promo picture

Call of Duty players are calling for Sledgehammer Games to deal with the plague of macro AFKing in Modern Warfare 3 matches.

Modern Warfare 3 has been subject to criticism from players due to several issues plaguing the experience since launch. Players have voiced frustration over the wave of advertisements and the rampant presence of cheaters.

Another complaint that has surfaced revolves around the implementation of battle pass rewards being tied to the amount of time spent in-game. This approach has been met with criticism, stating that it restricts access to rewards and undermines skill-based progression.

A Reddit post recently shed light on the current state of Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer, featuring an in-game clip that highlighted the ongoing epidemic of macro AFKing. It’s a tactic that allows players to move their character without being at their setup. 

“It’s what happens when you lock content behind game time. I don’t begrudge someone trying to get the stuff out of the battle pass that they’ve paid for. It’s not fun for the players actually participating, but at least this ain’t costing you a win as it could in other playlists.” explained one top comment.

Others agreed with the sentiment, saying that the developers were to blame for the issue. Especially with the current state of the battle pass and needed to grind through it to unlock all of the extra skins, weapons, and accessories. 

“They don’t want to fix this, it gives the Devs the numbers they can brag about while only affecting a tiny portion of the community. Sorry. It’s a small price to pay for more money.” argued another commenter