Temtem redeem codes (November 2022) – How to get free rewards

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Temtem is a monster-collecting title with an MMO twist, and if you’re on the hunt for free rewards to make your adventure across the Airborne Archipelago a little more accessible, we’ve got a rundown of everything there is to know about redeemable codes in Temtem for November 2022.

Temtem has finally launched after two years in early access, giving new tamers the chance to get stuck into the vast amount of content the game has to offer, including catching the best creatures, battling Dojo Masters, and completing challenging endgame activities.

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There are a lot of exciting customization and cosmetic items available in Temtem — including costumes and furniture — and also features a premium currency, Nova, that can be used to purchase exclusive items in the rotating in-game shop.

As Temtem is a live service MMO, it’s likely that redeem codes could provide additional Nova for players. So, if you’ve got your eye on a particular item and need some extra currency, you’ll want to keep an extra eye out for them. Here’s everything we know about Temtem codes available as of November 2022.

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Updated October 31, 2022, to check for new codes: none have been released.


Are there any active Temtem codes?

An image of the code redeem page in Temtem.Crema
You can redeem codes through the redeem page found in the game’s main menu.

There are currently no active codes for players to claim, which was double-checked on October 31, 2022.

We’ll be sure to update this page as and when codes are released, so make sure to check back regularly and follow the game’s developers on Twitter, where codes may be shared in the future.


How to redeem codes in Temtem

It only takes a few short steps to redeem codes in Temtem. We’ve outlined everything you need to do to claim your rewards below:

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  • Launch Temtem on your device.
  • One in-game, you’ll find a “Redeem” option located in the main menu.
  • After you’ve selected the option, the code page will open – simply enter your code in the box and hit “Redeem!’
  • That’s it! Your code will now be redeemed.

All expired Temtem codes

There are currently no expired codes, but when Temtem codes do expire and can no longer be redeemed in game, we’ll be sure to move them to the table below.


That’s everything we know about Temtem codes for November 2022! For more Temtem content, check out our guides below:

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