Summit1g reacts to Shroud’s hilarious xQc roast during Overwatch 2 match

Summit1g on

Summit1g was live on Overwatch 2 when a fan flagged a clip of Shroud roasting xQc and the streamer decided to get in on the fun himself.

Overwatch 2’s release has dragged tons of streamers back to the franchise as they test out everything new in the sequel.

Shroud was one of the big names that decided to give it a shot, and as you might expect, it didn’t take long for him to be pretty good at it.

However, he has had a few moments of frustration since coming back, and in one of them he had a bit of an outburst after dying to Winston, calling the big guy “an xQc-aiming” Hero.

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Later, someone flagged the clip for Summit, and here’s what he had to say about Shroud’s reaction and the friendly roasting that his buddy gave to xQc.

Summit1g reacts to Shroud roasting xQc during Overwatch 2 stream

As is standard for any good roasting, Summit simply laughed at the clip before backing up his friend and making a plea to Blizzard.

“Yeah, f**k that xQc-aim *** character,” he said. “And Moira, little padawan of Winston’s dumb***. Stop putting characters in the game that get free shots.”

It’s not too surprising that this duo would be against any character that essentially has auto-aim.

They are two of the most talented and accurate players in the entire world and having that advantage nullified by a laser beam that auto-tracks its targets is surely frustrating.

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They’re only two voices in the crowd as far as this train of thought goes as well. There is a growing sentiment among the community that no characters other than healers should have this kind of auto-aim at all.

While Blizzard seems content with the current state of the game, it’s worth watching how they handle these types of heroes moving forward.