Shroud baffled by Overwatch 2 loss caused by clueless teammate


Twitch streamer and FPS legend Shroud was baffled when his Overwatch 2 teammate had no idea how to play the game, causing his team to lose the match.

Although Shroud is one of the greatest FPS players of all time, even he cannot carry some of the clueless teammates that Overwatch 2 pairs him with during his ranked matches.

Overwatch 2 changes up the formula of the shooting title in a massive way with a shift to a 5v5 format, tons of heroes being reworked, and even new ones being added in. However, the player base has remained the same, something that ended up biting Shroud in the butt.

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During an Overwatch 2 stream on October 15, Shroud was playing with fellow Twitch star tarik when the pair had a Lucio player on their team who ended up costing them the match as they didn’t understand how the support hero works.

Lucio is one of the most popular support heroes in Overwatch 2.

Shroud flames clueless Overwatch 2 teammate

While escorting the payload on Route 66, Shroud needed healed in the backline to stay alive and make one last push. Playing Widowmaker, he had no way to heal himself and was relying on his support Lucio to come over to him and heal him up so he could stay in the fight.

However, instead of walking over and healing Shroud, the Overwatch 2 Lucio player kept his distance and fired bullets instead – either in an act of pure trolling or complete cluelessness. Shroud eventually was killed, and his squad lost the match 3-1.

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“He’s shooting me! He doesn’t know how to heal! He’s shooting me! No wonder we’re f**king losing.”.

Hilariously enough, Shroud ended up getting play of the game scoring a headshot no thanks to his Lucio.

Although Overwatch players have become known for their potential toxicity, this player took it to a whole other level.