Streamer breaks down after first-ever FC on hardest Rock Band song


Twitch streamer acezero_12078 did the unthinkable and finally managed to full combo Rock Band 3’s Chiasm By Chaotrope on guitar.

In games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero, scoring a “full combo” is where a player hits every note possible without breaking their combo chain multiplier.

Prior to Acezero’s success, no one had managed to full combo Chiasm, which made the whole experience that much more incredible.

YouTube/ Acezero12078
Acezero couldn’t believe he did it.

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The feat was so insane he had to upload the whole song to YouTube so everyone could witness the achievement.

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At 3:08, the out-of-breath streamer couldn’t believe his accomplishment and began to pant relentlessly as his chat celebrated the achievement.

“There’s no way that just happened,” he gasped. “There is no way! Oh my God.”

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Given the extreme difficulty of the song, many people never expected Chiasm to be full combo’d, so this was a major deal for the Rock Band community.

“No f**king way,” the emotional streamer went on. “Are you serious? I can’t breathe. My hands, I can’t even f**king feel my hands. My hands are just numb.”

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Finally, the streamer turned his camera back on and showed the amazing smile on his face.

Acezero fought to hold back tears.

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“It’s f**king over. F**king done!” he clapped. “That was so unexpected. I literally was not expecting… as soon as I hit it, my heart just sank.”

Acezero went on to say that the whole experience didn’t even feel real and had no idea how he pulled it off.

On Twitter, the streamer thanked all his viewers for their support and claimed that it wouldn’t have been possible without them.

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As for the next song Acezero plans to full combo? He currently has hits sights set on Death In General by Gigakoops.

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