Stray Energy Drink locations: Where to get Energy Drink cans

an image of vending machine in StrayAnnapurna Interactive

If you’re wondering how to locate all the Energy Drinks in Stray, our guide has all the information for you to find them in the game.

While you explore the post-apocalyptic cyberpunk city of Stray, you’ll come across many hidden collectibles. One of them is Energy Drinks. These are used as common currency in The Slums area and can be acquired from Vending Machines.

There is a handful of them to locate in-game and while some are easy to find, others can be a tad bit tricky to locate. In case you’re wondering how and where to find all the Energy Drinks in Stray, our handy guide has everything you need to know.

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How many Energy Drinks are there?

There are a total of four Energy Drinks for you to find in The Slums area. It is the first large area of the game that has plenty of Vending Machines. A prompt will pop up whenever you try to interact with these machines, shooting out a can upon waiting for a brief moment.

Here’s a rundown of the location of all Energy Drinks in Stray:

  • First can: Opposite of Morusque.
  • Second can: Near R.I.P Humans.
  • Third can: Near the roof with an old sofa.
  • Fourth can: Near Grandma’s shop.

Let’s now walk you through each Energy Drink can location in detail.

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All Energy Drink locations in Stray

First can

an image of first energy drink in StrayAnnapurna Interactive
Energy Drinks can only be used in The Slums area.

You can find the first Energy Drink located opposite Morusque, the humanoid robot musician looking for music sheets. Take the path on the left of The Guardian and head down the stairs, you’ll find the first vending machine on the right.

Interact with the machine after walking up to it and it’ll shoot out your first drink. That’s one of the four cans collected. Let’s head on to the next one.

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Second can

an image of second energy drink in StrayAnnapurna Interactive
The Slums area is filled with human memories.

You can get your second Energy Drink from the vending machine located beside one of the memories in the alley. Go down the alleyway, take left, and look for the wall with a memory written “R.I.P Humans” on it.

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Similar to the previous machine, interact with it and you’ll get your second can. Let’s head on to find the third can.

Third can

an image of third energy drink in StrayAnnapurna Interactive
Locating the third Energy Drink needs some maneuver.

If you want to find the third Energy Drink in the game, you need to head to the top of the alleyway of The Slums. Find the rooftop where an old sofa is kept and head down to the floor below.

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You’ll find another vending machine located from where you can claim your drink. Now it’s time to locate the trickiest Energy Drink can in Stray.

Fourth can

an image of fourth energy drink in StrayAnnapurna Interactive
Energy Drinks are a medium of currency in Stray.

You can find the fourth Energy Drink from a machine that is located on a small balcony among the buildings. There are multiple ways to reach this spot but the best way would be to locate Grandma’s corner.

Climb onto the building on the opposite and head to the balcony of the adjacent building. You’ll find a live vending machine that will spit out the last can from The Slums area.

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What is the use of Energy Drinks in Stray?

As we mentioned earlier, these Energy Drinks act as a common currency in Stray to buy items from Azooz. He is a humanoid robot merchant who sells collectibles like music sheets and mysterious relics.

All of these drinks help to complete the side quests. Upon completion, you’ll be rewarded with a couple of in-game achievements.

So, there you have it – that’s the location of every Energy Drink located in The Slums area of Stray. If you’re still wondering whether to get a copy of this game or not, our Stray review may help you make up your mind.

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