Stray Music Sheet locations: Where to find all Music Sheets for Morusque

an image of a sheet music in StrayAnnapurna Interactive

Wondering how to collect all the Music Sheets for Morusque in Stray? Don’t worry, our guide has everything you need to locate every Music Sheet in-game.

While you’re busy exploring the post-apocalyptic world of Stray, you will come across various hidden collectibles like energy drinks and notebooks in the game. These are not visible in plain sight and will often require you to search unusual places to complete certain side quests.

One of these collectibles is Music Sheets that Morusque will ask you to find. Once you bring them back to him, he will start playing the tune while the cat can enjoy a melodious nap beside him on a cushion.

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If you’re wondering how to find all the music sheets present in the game, our Stray guide has everything you need to locate them.


How many music sheets are there?

In Stray, there are a total of eight Music Sheets spread across different parts of the map. Although these are optional collectibles, they will reward you with in-game achievements.

You must remember that you have limited inventory space. So, it’s better to collect a handful of them and bring it back to Morusque while going to find the rest later.

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Here’s a rundown of the location of all Music Sheets in Stray:

  • First sheet: Inside Momo’s apartment.
  • Second sheet: Outside Clementine’s apartment.
  • Third sheet: Inside Elliot’s home.
  • Fourth sheet: From Azooz.
  • Fifth sheet: Inside Dufer Bar.
  • Sixth sheet: Inside Clementine’s apartment.
  • Seventh sheet: Inside Doc’s apartment.
  • Eighth sheet: Beside Morusque.

Let’s now walk you through each Music Sheet location in detail.

All music sheet locations in Stray

First sheet – Petite Valse

location of first music sheet in StrayAnnapurna Interactive
The first sheet of music is quite easy to locate.

The first music sheet will be located inside Momo’s apartment. It’s located below the neon sign and once you’re inside, head towards the bathroom. It’s on the left of the kitchen and you can find the sheet located on the shelf.

You need to jump on the shelf to get your hands on it. Let’s now move on to find the second music sheet in Stray.

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Second sheet – Ballad Of The Lonely Robot

location of second music sheet in StrayAnnapurna Interactive
The second music sheet needs some maneuvering to locate.

You can find the second music sheet outside Clementine’s apartment, near the entrance. All you need to do is climb up to the roof and locate the balcony with a table and some chairs.

Then you need to jump on the table and grab the music sheet and that’s how you collect the second one for Morusque. Let’s now look for the third piece of music in the game.

Third sheet – Untitled

location of third music sheet in StrayAnnapurna Interactive
The third music sheet is one of the easiest to find.

The third music sheet is located inside Elliot’s home which is around the bar’s corner. It is situated on the ground floor of one corner of the room. Once you’ve made your way inside after scratching the door, you’ll find the sheet located on the floor.

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Now that you’ve grabbed the third music sheet in Stray, it’s time to head to Morusque and give these collectibles. Since you have limited space in your inventory, it’s best to collect some, give them to the musician, and return back to the alley for more.

Fourth Sheet – The Way You Compute Tonight

location of fourth music sheet in StrayAnnapurna Interactive
Azooz sells unique items in The Slums.

To collect the fourth music sheet in Stray, you’ll need to trade an energy drink with Azooz. He sells multiple items including a music sheet.

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If you haven’t collected an energy drink can yet. you can follow our guide in order to find the fourth sheet. It’s quite easy and doesn’t need maneuvering through the balconies and roofs.

Fifth Sheet – Tomorrows

location of fifth music sheet in StrayAnnapurna Interactive
Music sheets are optional collectibles in Stray.

The fifth music sheet in Stray can be found inside the Dufer Bar. It is located on of the tables adjacent to the pool table.

It’s an easy one to collect and if you still haven’t paid Morusque a visit to give all of these collectibles, now would be a great time to loosen up your inventory.

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Sixth Sheet – Cool Down

location of sixth music sheet in StrayAnnapurna Interactive
There are several optional collectibles in Stray.

To collect the sixth music sheet in Stray, you need to head back to Clementine’s apartment. This time, it’s located inside.

Make your way through the broken glass of the sliding door, turn right, and the sheet will be located on a bookshelf near the bed.

Seventh Sheet – Mildly Important Information

location of seventh music sheet in StrayAnnapurna Interactive
The grand piano is fully functional in Stray.

If you’re on your way to finding Doc’s notebook in his apartment, you can also collect the seventh music sheet in the game.

Once you enter his house, you’ll notice a room with a piano where the sheet will be attached. The piano is totally playable and you may even make the cat run along the keys to play an impromptu tune.

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Eighth Sheet – Unreadable Sheet Music

location of eighth music sheet in StrayAnnapurna Interactive
There are a total of four codes in the game.

Now it’s time to collect the eighth and final music sheet in Stray. For this, you need to head back to Morusque and locate a password-protected safe in the trash on his far left. This safe code is a four-digit number and can be found from the bar in The Slums.

Finding this one can be a bit tricky as you’ll need to head back right to where you started your music sheet hunting journey.

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What is the use of music sheets in Stray?

As we mentioned earlier, music sheets are optional collectibles in Stray. It makes your feline journey melodious and once you’ve collected each of the eight sheets, you get awarded with a Music Badge.

It’s an in-game achievement and completes the Meowlody trophy as well.

So, there you have it – that’s the location of every music sheet in Stray for you to collect. If this game has sparked your interest in this cute cat game, be sure to keep yourself updated with our Stray hub for more information about the game.

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