How to get thousands of dream codes for Animal Crossing island-hopping

Animal Crossing New Horizons dream island featureNintendo

Fans of Animal Crossing: New Horizons are a creative bunch, constantly finding ways to get around the games irritating quirks and limitations. From turnip price data-mining to island weather predictors, fan-made tools are a godsend.

After Nintendo’s new update, “Wave 2” introduced the ability to travel to new islands by falling asleep within the game, and meeting Luna the Tapir, a new tool has been created to help you along.

Typically visiting other islands, that don’t belong to people you already know, involves seeking out Dodo Codes or invites from communities online. These can be found in Facebook groups, subreddits, Discord servers, and even on Twitter. Dream codes make traveling to far-away islands and receiving visitors, a lot easier. But, many may still wonder where you find them.

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YouTuber CrossingChannel has created a dream code randomizer where you can submit your own island’s code and find new islands to visit. It works by getting as many people involved as possible to expand the database of codes.

But don’t worry, your privacy is secure. The codes do not reveal the name of your island, player names or any other information relating to you.

CrossingChannel has also created his own island dedicated to dream tours called “Kokomo”, and 20,000 players have already visited. The island even has a specially created treasure hunt which also involves swimming in the sea, a feature of the “Wave 1” update that arrived in July.

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How to use the dream island feature

For your character to dream you need to go and lie on any bed in your house or use the special bed that Luna gifted to you when you downloaded the update.

You must have a Nintendo Switch Online membership in order to do this. The bed must be in your house, this cannot be done outside. You can then select “I want to dream from the menu”.

Luna will allow you to upload your own dream island, which is a memory of your island for other people to access, which can be updated once a day. Once you’ve uploaded or updated, Luna will give you a “dream exchange ticket” which you can sell in Nook’s Cranny for 5,000 bells.

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Animal Crossing New Horizons dream islandNintendo
Players can dream by sleeping on any bed in their house

Any player can visit your dream island if you give them the dream address that Luna provides. The address can be accessed in your passport too, alongside how many people have visited your dream island.

Visitors will not be able to change anything, take or leave any items as the feature is designed for exploring only. Visitors can, however, see your custom designs and copy the codes from those.

Luna will also give you the option to visit another dream island by entering its code.