Star Wars: Squadrons adds The Mandalorian content ahead of Season 2

Tanner Pierce

EA and Motive Studios have announced that content inspired by The Mandalorian will be making its way into flight simulator game Star Wars: Squadrons in just a few short days. 

Ever since the game’s launch, Star War: Squadrons hasn’t really seen much extra content. In fact, that was one of the selling points that Motive Studios made, saying they wanted to go back to the old school way of releasing games where you pay one price and get all the content on day one.

Despite this attitude, however, the developer has revealed that the game is getting a surprise post-launch content update which contains items based on the hit Disney Plus show The Mandalorian ahead of its Season 2 release on October 30.

Players will be able to put Baby Yoda flair on their ship’s dashboard.

Star Wars: Squadrons Mandalorian content

According to the developers, the game will be receiving eight new items based on the hit TV show, all of which can be earned for free. The developers have revealed six of the items, which can be found below, but players will also be receiving two other decals for their ship.

  • Razor Crest hanging flair
  • Beskar Ingot hanging flair
  • IG Assassin Droid dashboard flair
  • The Child dashboard flair
  • Bounty hologram
  • Blurrg hologram

All of the items are cosmetic, meaning that they won’t affect actual gameplay stats in any way, shape, or form, so don’t expect to be at an advantage when using one of these.

Electronic Arts and Motive Studios have revealed a new content update for Star Wars Squadrons based on The Mandalorian.

Star Wars: Squadrons Mandalorian content release date

Motive Studios announced that The Mandalorian content update will be coming to Star Wars: Squadrons on October 28, two days before the premiere of Season 2 as a free update for everyone. That being said, it’s currently unclear how players will unlock these items.

Will they have to complete certain challenges in-game or will they just automatically be available to everyone? It’s possible that they’ll be extremely difficult and it’ll be a while before fans get their hands on these items. We’ll just have to wait and see.