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Kanye slams Disney Star Wars films on Joe Rogan Experience

Published: 25/Oct/2020 19:15

by Bill Cooney


Kanye West’s interview on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast is definitely a marathon, but one of the most interesting stretches is the rapper’s opinion on Star Wars, and what Disney has done with the franchise.

On October 24, the highly anticipated JRE episode with the man known as Ye was released, despite fears earlier in the week that it would be canceled or delayed after a member of Rogan’s staff fell ill.

Yeezy talked at length about how he’s been “called to be the leader of the free world,” but he also brought up the Star Wars movies several times, and made it very clear he wasn’t a fan of the new Disney trilogy. 

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“This is one thing I will say, and this is about to make me mad right here, they said that George Lucas’s prequels are worse than the corporate-made Disney Star Wars,” West seethed. “Revenge of the Sith? We saw how Darth Vader was made! Like, I watched that ten times during Covid. ‘Don’t jump Anakin, I got the high ground!’”

Rogan, apparently a Star Wars purist in his own right as well, was definitely on board with what Kanye was laying down, “I’ll get mad at that too, that’s f**king ridiculous.”

The original six movies were superior, Ye argued, because they were original ideas straight from the mind of George Lucas himself instead of people rehashing an old concept, which he explicitly criticized Disney and Pixar for doing quite often instead of taking a chance.

Kanye West in concert
NRK P3/Flickr
West didn’t hold back letting Rogan know how he felt about the Disney Star Wars films.

“Every time there’s a new idea, they call it an unproven idea,” West said about Disney and Pixar. “So they’ll get to Toy Story 800,000 and Frozen Trillion before there’s a new concept and they take a chance.”

Kanye’s passion for the sci-fi series might be surprising to some but he can definitely be considered a hardcore fan – to say the least.

Besides taking inspiration from the universe Lucas created for his clothing and architecture projects, he also met his wife Kim Kardashian West for one of the first times while shooting a Star Wars-themed skit with Jimmy Kimmel back in 2008.

This particular argument against the new Star Wars films is certainly not a new one, and Kanye will have no trouble finding those who agree with his take. But we wouldn’t count on this changing how Disney operates…even if it is coming from the future leader of the free world.


TikTok is letting some users experiment with 3-minute long videos

Published: 3/Dec/2020 0:48 Updated: 3/Dec/2020 1:00

by Tanner Pierce


Some TikTok users are reporting that they have been given the ability to upload three-minute long videos to the platform. Previously, users were able to upload videos with a 60-second maximum, meaning the new update will triple the length of time clips can be.

Currently, TikTok only allows for 60-second videos which, while that might not exactly be considered “short”, allows user to very quickly browse through them without much searching.

While previous rumor and speculation have indicated that fans are able to upload content outside of that 60-second restriction if they upload a video from their camera roll, many creators have had to live with minute-long videos for quite some time now. Fast forward to December 2020, and that might be changing soon.

Matt Navarra
Some TikTok content creators have been told that they are now allowed to upload 3-minute long videos.

As originally noticed by Social Media Commentator Matt Navarra and originally reported by The Verge, TikTok has started issuing notices to certain creators that they are now able to upload three-minute long videos to the platform, triple the previous amount of time.

Currently, it’s unknown how widely available the feature is. According to the notice, creators who have been given this feature are told they have gotten “early access”, so it’s possible and incredibly likely that only a very few, select amount of people have the ability to create three-minute long videos and that it’ll remain like that for a while.

Unfortunately, beyond this, there’s no other information available about the feature. There’s also no timetable as to when it will be available to all content creators or if it ever will become available to others. It also has yet to even be officially acknowledged by the company in any capacity, with no notice posted to their Twitter account or website, so it may come down to the fact that they want to see how it does before they even talk about it.

All in all, it’ll be interesting to see what happens with this feature in the future. Given the fact that 60-seconds is a relatively short amount of time, it makes sense to have longer videos on the platform. Still, it remains to be seen how the company will handle it in the future.