Splatoon 3 Expansion Pass: Inkopolis & Side Order details

Splatoon 3's Expansion Pass offers players two new places to adventure.Nintendo

Splatoon 3 is getting a huge haul of DLC and this is everything we know about Wave 1 and Wave 2 – Inkopolis & Side Order.

Splatoon 3 is headed back to familiar ground with the arrival of Inkopolis in the latest franchise entry.

Afterward, players are venturing into uncharted territory with Side Order as revealed on February 8.

The Expansion Pass is available to purchase now, but the Wave 1 of content won’t be rolling out until later this spring.

Splatoon 3 Expansion pass: Inkopolis details & release window

Inkopolis will be instantly recognizable to fans of the original Splatoon. The iconic location hosts many of the same faces that players came to know and love back then, as well as a mix of new shopkeepers.

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The products have also been confirmed as the ones in Splatsville, so players can take their shopping to wherever they prefer.

The city is also getting an infusion of new life with the Squid Sisters hitting the stage during Splatfests to make the locale a bit more lively.

Inkopolis will arrive Spring 2023.

Splatoon 3 DLC Wave 2: Side Order details

There’s an air of mystery surrounding side order. The quick look at Nintendo Direct was intentionally brief, giving players a look at a snow-covered environment adorned with classic wintertime imagery.

Many of the plants in the area were designed similarly to snowflakes, with weave-like patterns sprouting from the ground.

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With that in mind, it’s likely that Side Order won’t be out until much later than its Wave 1 counterpart, with Nintendo saying only that more information will be available in the future.

We will share all the latest Splatoon 3 updates when the time comes, but for now, check out all the other announcements made during February 8’s Nintendo Direct conference, including a release date for Pikmin 4, and the arrival of Gameboy games to Nintendo Switch Online.