Sonic Frontiers gets review-bombed after Dunkey roasts game in new video

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YouTube star Jason ‘Dunkey’ Gastrow roasted Sonic Frontiers in his review of the game, and after calling attention to the game’s user review scores on Metacritic, the game has been negatively review-bombed on the site.

Dunkey finally dropped his Sonic Frontiers review on November 13, and unsurprisingly, he wasn’t a fan of the blue blur’s latest adventure.

The popular YouTube critic wasn’t fond of the game’s major pop-in problems, and how it handled its open-world elements.

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He concluded the video by pointing to Frontiers’ average User Score on Metacritic, which was 8.8, comparing it to other games like Super Mario Odyssey and Red Dead Redemption 2, which he was surprised to see considered among some true classics.

Since then, Sonic Frontiers has been review-bombed on Metacritic’s PlayStation 5 page for the game, dropping its ranking quite massively.

Dunkey sparks Sonic Frontiers review bomb

Since Dunkey’s video went live, Frontiers went from an 8.8 average score to an 8.4, dropping it comfortably below the other games he compared it to in the video.

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Dunkey recognized the change and said, “Sonic fans are review-bombing their own favorite game to make my fans look bad. They really thought they were slick calling their account DunkeyLover2005.”

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In the picture included with the social media post, Metacritic users named after the YouTuber reviewed the game with a score of 0.

The 31-year-old video essayist went on to say that it wasn’t his intention to get the game review-bombed.

He concluded by saying, “I just wanted to make an entertaining video on a game I didn’t really like, and I was shocked by the user scores so I included it. I can’t be alone in feeling crazy when seeing them.”

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In response, fans of the game have since posted more positive review scores for the game on the site and pointed their vitriol directly at Dunkey for his seemed attempts to lower the average score of the game.

As war over the average user review score continues to be waged, there is no end in sight as over 2,100 reviews have been posted since the game was released.

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