Videogamedunkey slams Overwatch 2 as “most disappointing” game of the year

dunkey overwatch 2YouTube: Videogamedunky

In yet another video, Videogamedunkey harshly critiqued Overwatch 2, labeling the game as one of the “most disappointing” games of the year.

Videogamedunkey is a popular YouTuber who frequently creates humorous videos reviewing the latest games while also providing brutally honest critiques.

Initially, Dunkey released a video criticizing the game’s long queues and server instability, but once he was able to play the game he finally gave his not-so-glowing impressions.

On October 14, the content creator released a video on YouTube where he criticized Overwatch 2 again, nine days after his first video criticizing the game.

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Videogamedunkey slams Overwatch 2 again

While being a funny and entertaining video to watch, Dunkey’s upload, titled “Overwatch 2 is a pathetic sequel,” highlight some serious issues plaguing the sequel.

Dunkey made his opinion of the game clear from early on in the video. “This is as lazy as it gets. Blizzard, what the hell kind of game is this? Don’t you guys computers to make new stuff for Overwatch?” he mentioned twenty seconds into the video.

He then argued people who call the game “Overwatch 1.1” as a reference to the game simply being an update to the original; instead, they should call the sequel “Overwatch 0.8, because they’re actually removing content.”

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Overwatch 2 reused the entire cast of the original game, while adding minor changes to balance the roster to cater for five on five battles. These changes include major nerfs to many characters’ skills, such as the removal of Mei’s freezing ability.

Dunkey then expressed his disdain for role queue, which returns for Overwatch 2 after it was initially added to help players stick to their respective jobs and promote team play. In particular, he took aim at how powerful tanks are given that one tank was removed for each team.

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“The biggest change of Overwatch 2 is each team only gets one tank now. To compensate for this, tanks are much more powerful in this game. Blizzard forgot they have open queue, where you can have as many tanks as you want,” the YouTuber said.

While summarizing his thoughts, he stated “Overwatch 2 isn’t the worst game I played this year, but it’s definitely the most disappointing.”

For a thorough break down of the game, check out Dexerto’s review of Overwatch 2.

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