Snoop Dogg launching gaming studio with games made in Fortnite

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Snoop Dogg FortniteSnoop Dogg / Epic Games

Snoop Dogg has announced that he and his son are creating their own video games studio under the title Death Row Games. Here’s everything we know.

Despite being more widely known as a world-renowned personality and rapper, Snoop Dogg has shown his love for gaming in various ways over the years.

The Californian icon has often appeared in various promotional tournaments for various titles and has often collaborated with Call of Duty, such as his playable skin in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone.

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Back in 2022, it was even announced that Snoop Dogg had joined FaZe Clan as a director, before resigning just a year later.

Now, he and his son are venturing into the gaming industry on their own after it was announced they are launching their very own video game studio titled Death Row Games.

Snoop Dogg launches Death Row Games studio

Snoop Dogg’s son Cordell Broadus informed AFROTECH of his and his dad’s plans to create their own games and launch “Death Row Games.”

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The game development studio will act as a new arm to the iconic music label Death Row Records, which Snoop acquired in 2022.

“We’ve been creating games, and none of them has been published anything on a huge scale, but on a very amateur level.

“We’ve been around games for the last five to six years. And Snoop, he’s done mobile games, so we’ve always had the mindset of building it on our own.” Broadus explained.

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Snoop’s son stated that the platform will focus on supporting minority creators and artists to develop and publish games. In particular, they will start by creating games in Fortnite using the game’s Unreal Editor.

“I think it’s dope for a father and a son to be working together for one, and for two he’s 51 years old. So he may be out of touch with some of these things,” the 26-year-old son stated.

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At the time of writing, Death Row Games’ first project has no official release date.

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