Sniper Elite 5 Mission 3: Spy Academy Workbench location

Andrew Highton
karl looking at a workbench in sniper elite 5

Sniper Elite 5’s Workbenches are extremely useful secrets that provide you with additional attachments and weapons to expand your repertoire. Mission 3 Spy Academy is aptly sneaky about its Workbench placement, but thankfully, we’ve got you sorted.

We gave a special mention to Workbenches in our extensive Sniper Elite 5 review as they are enjoyable collectibles to find throughout the game and, of course, come with useful incentives.

They can be pretty much anywhere in Sniper Elite 5’s enormous levels with some tucked away in back rooms and some well-guarded by locked doors. The game’s third mission, Spy Academy, is actually quite secretive about the placement of its Workbenches, but if you are struggling, we’ve outlined their locations in this guide.


spy academy workbench 1 in sniper elite 5

Where to find Sniper Elite 5 Spy Academy – SMG Workbench Location 1

For our first Workbench in this huge map, we need to head to the South-East portion of the area and to the indicator we’ve marked on the map below.

You will begin outside and have two climbing walls that look like they are covered in white paint. Once you’ve scaled them, go through a doorway and you’ll see the French resistance symbol painted on one of the walls, go through several doors past it and you will arrive at a French resistance base.

The Workbench is directly in front of a French flag.

spy academy workbench 2 in sniper elite 5

Where to find Sniper Elite 5 Spy Academy – Pistol Workbench Location 2

Your next Workbench is more in the central part of the main island this time.

Again, using our marker as a guide, you should be able to see a sign above a doorway that reads “Waffenkammer.” Now, to unlock this door, you’ll need to either kill an Officer who will drop the “Armory Key,” or the take the easier method of exploring the Island to find a Breach Charge.

Whichever way you decide, open the Waffenkrammer door, head inside, and you’ll find the Workbench underneath another flag.

spy academy workbench 3 in sniper elite 5

Where to find Sniper Elite 5 Spy Academy – Rifle Workbench Location 3

The final Workbench to complete Spy Academy is more towards the latter end of the map as you come to the end of the mission.

From the marker, run back towards the castle, going up a hill, and you’ll see a ton of climbable vines. Climb up the first bunch and hop onto the platform. Then go up the next set and get yourself on the ledge again. Finally, ascend a third patch of vines and once you’re back on your feet at the top, head up the stairs, and in the first room on the left is your final Workbench.

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