Sniper Elite 5 Rat Bomb: How to use against War Factory Kill Target

Karl Fairburne looking at War Factory level in sniper elite 5Rebellion

Sniper Elite 5’s War Factory mission requires you to pull off a special kill condition involving a Rat Bomb. It’s not that clear how to use it though, but, thankfully, we’ve put together a guide to make it a bit easier.

During each mission of Sniper Elite 5, players have a ton of different things to do and monitor as they’re going along. As well as the main objectives that themselves can diversify, there will also be extra primary goals added on top of them, as well as optional objectives, and a Kill Target.

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The Kill Target in Mission 4: War Factory seems to have a thing against rats. It just so happens that you can acquire a Rat Bomb during the mission to use against the individual and earn yourself a nice reward in the process.


karl watching explosion in sniper elite 5Rebellion
Ehrlich is all set to go out with a bang if you play your cards right.

How to use Rat Bomb in Sniper Elite 5

It’s very easy to claim the Rat Bomb in Mission 4 and not actually ever get a chance to use it. But doing so will ensure you meet the special kill condition in War Factory and set yourself on the way to completing the game fully.

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Here’s how to use Sniper Elite 5’s Rat Bomb to kill Matthaus Ehrlich:

  1. Load into Mission 4: War Factory
  2. At the beginning of the mission, pick up the Rat Bomb from the dresser before you leave the HQ
  3. Head to the South-West section of the map to get to one of the level’s smaller factories
  4. Monitor the red indicator to track the movements of Matthaus Ehrlich
  5. Where he’s patrolling, you’ll need to find some white rat outlines near to his presence
  6. Wait for Ehrlich to vacate the main room and then place the Rat Bomb down on the outline
  7. Once Ehrlich has conducted his business, he will return to check for the presence of rats
  8. Doing so will cause him to detonate the Rat Bomb and tick off one of your challenges!

What reward do you get for killing Matthaus Ehrlich?

As with all special kill conditions, Sniper Elite 5 will reward you for your endeavor by bestowing upon you a Machine PIST.44 sidearm.

Depending on how you approach the game, it could turn out to be a great addition to your armory and become a mainstay in your loadout.

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