Sifu Yang boss guide: How to defeat ‘The Leader’

Sam Smith
Sifu yang bossSloclap

Sifu’s extremely tough boss battles will put your skills to the test, and none are worse than the final boss, ‘The Leader’ Yang. Here’s how to beat him.

Sifu is a game that needs you to master its combat mechanics if you’re going to get through it in one piece. This is the best way to survive the game’s difficult boss battles. Sifu’s final boss is Yang ‘The Leader’ and he’s easily the hardest fight in the game. He’s also the final obstacle for you to overcome before you beat Sifu’s story mode.

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The key to beating all bosses in Sifu is learning when to dodge, parry, and counter their attacks. It also helps to learn their moves and discover when each boss leaves themselves open. This can be done by studying their moveset for openings during battle.

However, Yang really shakes things up, here’s what you need to know to take your revenge on him.


Yang sifu bossSloclap
It’s all been leading up to this final confrontation with Yang.

The Sanctuary: Yang – The Leader

Yang is the final Sifu boss and the person you’ve been hunting throughout the adventure.

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It’s time for some payback.

Yang round 1

The first thing to know about Yang is he uses your skills against you, it’s like battling another Sifu but one that has access to the entire skill tree. Everything you can do, Yang can do too. So, you’re at an instant disadvantage going in.

You’ll also have no access to Focus skills in this boss encounter, just to make things more fun. However, there is a way to overcome this boss – by being aware of your own limitations.

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Think back to your time with Sifu, what weaknesses does your character have? What things have led to death and what gaps in your own defenses have you noticed? Use the exploits your enemy use on you against Yang.

If a certain attack takes too long to recover from or leaves you open to counters, then it will be the same for Yang. Always try to keep in mind you’re battling a tougher version of you, with this in mind, your skills as a player will help you overcome the AI.

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Yang boss sifuSloclap
Yang is the source of Sifu’s agony.

Yang round 2

In round 2 Yang becomes more of a traditional Sifu boss, getting some unique attacks of his own rather than being a mirror image of you.

This actually makes the fight easier as he telegraphs these attacks in new ways and allows you to learn some form of pattern. Each attack can be avoided and parried, so stay calm and hit him when there’s an opening.

Be cautious though, your moveset will still make up most of his, but Yang will now start adding leg sweeps to his arsenal. Learn how to dodge these to score an opening to attack him.

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He’ll also bounce off the walls into a spinning kick attack which can be savage if it connects. Don’t try to parry this, just dodge it and try to take advantage of that split second where he recovers.

Stay calm and focused and eventually, Yang will fall – and Sifu will have his revenge.

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