Sifu players outraged as developer reveals difficulty options are coming


 Sloclap co-founder Pierre Tarno revealed that Sifu is getting difficulty options and some fans aren’t too happy about it.

As a game where players get to control a martial arts expert throughout his life, Sifu offers a refreshing take to not just the slap ‘em up genre, but to video games in general.

With its unique death mechanic that ages you a year forward upon reviving, reducing your health in exchange for extra punching power in the process, the game brings a whole new meaning to difficulty in games – something that is greatly appreciated by hardcore fans.

Yang boss sifuSloclap
Sifu’s death mechanic is a new take on progression.

Sifu fans outraged over difficulty options addition

On a recent Twitch Gaming stream on February 10, Sloclap co-founder Pierre Tarno said that Sifu will be getting accessibility updates following the game’s launch with additions such as improved captioning, and a high contrast mode. One of the features that took the cake was the addition of difficulty modes. Previously known to be firm in their stance on easier modes, the developers wanted the game “to challenge players and encourage them to learn.”

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With the main idea of players getting better, he explained himself in an interview with MP21st back in November stating, “We want Sifu to challenge players and to encourage them to learn, improve and adapt. The ability to rise up from death will help new players by allowing them to fail and try again multiple times when they face difficulty.”

Although Tarno didn’t give much detail pertaining to future accessibility features for the game, he said that the Sloclap team is “considering and planning for” difficult modes, adding that they’d announce “something to that end pretty soon.”

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In response to this, some Sifu fans aren’t exactly happy. “No patch for an easy mode either get good or leave it be,” said @Gamer39Geeky on Twitter.

“Don’t change the difficulty; doesn’t need easy mode,” @charlie8bits replied.

“Do not make a difficulty setting,” said @EdmundAmore. “That’s the ENTIRE point of the game.” It’s difficult until you grind to perma unlock things. After that, it’s not nearly as hard.”

This isn’t one of the first times gamers have been outraged over difficulty options added to harder games. Only time will tell if future titles will continue this trend.

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