Is Search and Destroy coming to XDefiant? Devs give promising update on popular mode

Brad Norton
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Search and Destroy has long been a staple game mode in Activision’s Call of Duty franchise, but is Ubisoft set to follow suit and bring S&D to XDefiant? Here’s what we know.

When it comes to competitive play in just about any First Person Shooter, nothing tests a team’s coordination quite like S&D. The round-based mode has been a cornerstone of CoD for decades now, and its absence in other games is certainly felt.

When XDefiant finally released in full on May 21, 2024, it did so with a wide range of game modes and maps, though S&D was notably nowhere to be found. Given there’s already a competitive 4v4 playlist in testing too, many have been left to wonder if S&D is a priority for the devs at Ubisoft.

Players are in luck as devs have addressed the concerns nice and early, so here’s what we know about XDefiant’s take on the ever-popular game mode.

Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer gameplay
S&D has been a staple competitive game type in CoD for as long as there’s been competition.

Is Search and Destroy coming to XDefiant?

Yes, in a sense, a Search and Destroy style mode is confirmed to be in the works for XDefiant. While perhaps not ‘Search and Destroy’ in name, Ubisoft does indeed have a no-respawn, bomb-focused game mode in the pipeline.

Exactly how the S&D-style mode may differ from that found in CoD remains to be seen, but fans can rest easy knowing XDefiant devs are on the case. “We have a 1-life bomb mode coming,” Executive Producer Mark Rubin confirmed in a response on X (formerly Twitter).

As for when the mode may be implemented, that’s yet to be determined, Rubin added. As a result, players would be wise not to hold their breath, as S&D gameplay in XDefiant could still be at least a few months away.

XDefiant’s Pre-Season is currently underway, so it’s still very early in the game’s lifecycle. With new features, weapons, characters, and plenty more improvements set to be rolled out in the coming weeks, especially with seasonal updates, we’re sure to hear more on the S&D-style mode in time.

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