All upcoming XDefiant game modes: Leaks hint at Capture the Flag, S&D, more on the way

Brad Norton
XDefiant character using pistol

XDefiant launched with five game modes in total, though plenty more appear to be in the works already. From a Capture the Flag playlist to a mirror of CoD’s ever-popular Search and Destroy, here’s what we know according to a range of leaks.

When it comes to any FPS game worth its salt, you’ll often find a number of core game types across the board. Domination has been a staple in the genre for years now, as has the likes of Team Deathmatch, but devs often get quirky and add some unique innovations into the mix as well.

With XDefiant, Ubisoft launched the game in full on May 21, 2024, with five game modes available in the Preseason phase. Domination, Hot Shot, Occupy, Escort, and Zone Control were all available right out of the gate, though it appears this is merely a small fraction of what’s on the way.

Several leaks, largely plucked from the game’s code, have hinted at a wealth of additional modes on the way to XDefiant, many being incredibly popular in the FPS genre.

xdefiant weapons
It’s unclear which upcoming XDefiant modes may join the ranked 4v4 playlist as well.

Upcoming XDefiant game modes

While nothing has yet been confirmed for the future of XDefiant, we do know new game modes will be drip-fed over the course of the game’s first year on the market. Exactly what order those modes release in is still anyone’s guess for now, but we do have an early idea of what to expect.

Among the earliest teasers, XDefiant’s Executive Producer Mark Rubin confirmed a Search and Destroy-style, “1-life bomb mode” is indeed in the works. Reaffirming exactly that, prominent dataminer ‘AgainTx’ found evidence of a mode by the name of ‘Bomb Defusal’ in the game’s code.

Beyond that, little else has been teased directly by the devs, but datamines have outed at least seven more game modes already in the works for XDefiant.

Do take the following with a grain of salt as plans can always change during development and nothing is set in stone until confirmed by official sources. But for now, AgainTx has found mention of the following modes in XDefiant’s code:

  • Team Elimination
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Juggernaut
  • Bomb Defusal (S&D)
  • Infection
  • Capture The Flag
  • King of The Hill

Naturally, many of these are staples in other FPS titles and shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. Though just when we’ll see them in XDefiant is unclear for now. It’s likely we’ll see at least one new addition per season moving forward, perhaps as permanent additions, or as rotating playlists cycling in and out.

For now, we’ll have to wait and see exactly what the XDefiant team has in store, but rest assured we’ll update you here with further details as they emerge.

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