Rogue Company teases new pics of Dr Disrespect’s map The Arena

Bill Cooney
Dr Disrespect Rogue Company map

Hi-Rez devs have apparently moved at a blistering pace to build and fill out Dr. Disrespect’s custom map called ‘The Arena’ for Rogue Company, and new images make it seem like it will be ready to play before too long.

[jwplayer BlAHV3BT]

The saga all started back in August when Doc tried out Rogue Company for the first time. Impressed with the fast-paced multiplayer FPS, the streaming star half-jokingly suggested Hi-Rez devs should let him design a map for the game.

Developers were immediately on board, as you would be too if you got a similar offer from one of the biggest names on YouTube and a former CoD map designer like the Two Time.

Since then we’ve seen a steady drip of content showcasing the development of The Arena, which has basically become a playable version of Dr Disrespect’s elaborate stream backdrop, complete with a gift shop that we finally got to see on Oct. 12.

Dr Disrespect Pro Shop
The Champion’s Club Pro Gear Shop is one of those video game locations you just wish were real.

Any true multi-million (or billion) dollar sporting complex needs a place to sell officially branded memorabilia, and The Champion’s Club Arena is no different.

The Pro-Gear shop might seem like it could use a few more racks of clothing and merch, but remember it does have to be a playable and easy to navigate map as well.

One area we’ve seen a bit of already is the Arcade, but a new exterior shot could provide another new clue to the map as well. In the image below, the sky appears to be red, which would make this map fit canonically into Doc’s stream.

dr Disrespect arcade
If you look past the Arcade sign, the sky above the Arena seems to be red.

You’ve got to give the people something to look at as they walk in to find their seats too, and the main entrance area to the inside of The Arena is decked out with Doc’s face and branding.

Champion's Club Arena
We really can’t wait to try Doc’s custom Rogue Company map out.

These latest images from Hi-Rez are some of the most detailed we’ve seen yet, and could very well be a sign that The Arena will be coming out sometime soon.

When exactly is tough to say, but Rogue Company has been seemingly getting constant updates over the last few months, so stick with us on Twitter @RogueCoUpdates for all the latest news, patches, and more.